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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Timeshare general question

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    Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach, Eagle Beach.
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    I see a lot of disgruntle time share owners on the internet but for other places, Florida, Mexico, Arizona etc. Maintenance fees start off low and then its sky high. However, in general Aruba timeshare owners are usually happy on account that they are repeat visitors and maybe easier to sell of your week there. A lot of timeshare in Aruba like La Cabana I believe has a bulletin board with owners selling their week which is usually a lot cheaper than buying direct.

    Always keep in mind maintenance costs. I own in Kissimmee Florida, started off with maintenance fees of around $300 which today is $1,100 a year. However, I bought 30 years ago and have been trading it to Aruba the last 10 years. The $1,100 maintenance fees is certainly worth it for a 1 bedroom suite at la cabana or Aruba Phoenix. I'm actually entitled to a 2 bedroom as I own a 2 bedroom in Florida but they are seldom available and if I am traveling alone I don't really need a 2 bedroom.
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    Thank you to all of you that gave me info here both on this thread and via PM. I truly appreciate it!!
    Pictures from our Oct 2020 trip:

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    1. How did you find the place in Aruba you decided to buy into?

    We stayed at a few different resorts, renting from owners, and fell in love with LaCabana. It was a great fit for our family.

    2. How much does it roughly cost?

    We purchased resale from a post on Facebook - about half of what the property sells for.

    3. How often do you go (one week, two weeks, more)?

    Two weeks and will still occasionally tack on a few days at another resort, just to experience other properties and better flight prices.

    4. Is it a better option than buying something?

    I love knowing that I can plan my dog sitter and my flights as early as possible and that my kids grew up seeing the same kids and we get to see the same families year after year.

    5. Are you happy with the decision?


    6. How hard is it to get out of it should you decide you no longer want it?

    I haven't tried, but I'm sure it will be easy to sell, especially because the price would not be very high. I don't have to worry about it though since my kids already know they each get a room in my will!

    7. How many places do you have one? Just Aruba or other places?

    We only own timeshare in Aruba and do not have a membership with a trading company so we only stay in Aruba.

    Feel free to PM any additional questions you may have!
    Loving Aruba from NJ
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    1. How did you find the place in Aruba you decided to buy into? We own 2 weeks in March at Playa Linda. We bought in 2001 after our first visit there when we stayed at Holiday Inn. We bought it from an owner and have used it every year, never planned to trade for anywhere else.
    2. How much does it roughly cost? We have a one bedroom. The annual maintenance fee is just under $1600 for the two weeks, and our costs while we are there average $250 for taxes and resort fees.
    3. How often do you go (one week, two weeks, more)? Two weeks. We have rented extra weeks from other owners a few times now, love it. Next year (Covid willing) we are staying an extra 2 weeks at an AirBnB for less than the cost of a week at Playa Linda. We find we like getting out to other beaches many days. We go somewhere on our first day and buy camp chairs to lug with us so we don' pay to rent loungers, and we usually have a car. It becomes more affordable because I don't mind cooking in at least half the time we are there. Who cares?! We are in Aruba!
    4. Is it a better option than buying something? We could never afford to buy a condo or house in Aruba, nor would we want to.
    5. Are you happy with the decision? YES!! We have made some wonderful friends at Playa Linda over the years, always look forward to seeing our Playa Linda family. That includes many workers and staff members.
    6. How hard is it to get out of it should you decide you no longer want it? We own weeks during high season so could always rent to someone if we couldn't make it. Or if we needed to sell, based on history at Playa Linda and just talking to folks on the beach, we could sell in a heartbeat. Someone would want to add a week onto what they own, or would want to buy for their family, etc. Hopefully that continues. Our units are deeded, and our kids' names are on the deed, so it would go to them once we die (gonna happen some day!). Or we could rent our units and then rent another week from another owner if we want to change our dates. We could also give the unit to Playa Linda management to rent or sell if needed.
    7. How many places do you have one? Just Aruba or other places? Just Aruba! For 20 years we have said it's one of the best things we've done.

    Hope this helps!
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    We were looking for a time share in Aruba because we just loved the island after going for a few years. We went to a Marriott timeshare talk and once we heard the price we said forget it. Then I had friends staying at Playa Linda at the same time and went to see what they offered and we ended up with a Lanai 4 units from the beach on the ground floor at a quarter of the price. That was about 15 years ago and just bought a 2nd one at La Cabana so went can go 2 weeks straight.

    Maintenance f
    ees are about 800/year for 7 nights/ 8 days. Next year we will be going for 2 weeks including LaCabana so about $1500.00 for 2 weeks. We also use Credit Card points for our flights so we usually just pay the tax on our flights every year.
    We are also very Happy with our decision. When we are there its the best vacation ever.

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