From The Morning News (tourist daily newspaper)

ORANJESTAD — The government had only positive reports for our tourism during a recent press conference. The Minister of Tourism Otmar Oduber was very happy to share a continual increase in the different markets.
Tourism for the period of January to October showed a 6.8% increase, which was more than the 3.5% projected by the government and also the 6% projected by ATA (Aruba Tourism Authority)
When comparing this with figures presented by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), Aruba is positioned as the leader of destinations in the Caribbean. This is relative to the number of visitors we receive, the market we promote and obviously, what the product Aruba has to offer.
Aruba even excelled with the number of US visitors, and competing with destinations such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica and others who have experienced a drop in their arrivals from the USA. Aruba is even ahead of exclusive destinations like the Cayman Islands. The strategy used by Aruba together with the ATA is definitely paying off, according to Minister Oduber.
With respect to the European market we are seeing that there was no increase there. We need to work on making our destination much more attractive for that market. But the Latin American market continues to grow. The Venezuelan market is gradually moving ahead, with an increase of 85% shown in the last months.
The more visitors we receive, the more they spend and contribute to our economy. The government is very pleased, overall, with the first 10 months of the year. We have already way surpassed our growth expectations for the year 2013, according to Minister Oduber.