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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: truly UNUSUAL weather (info for newbies)

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    truly UNUSUAL weather (info for newbies)

    If some folks that have never been to Aruba before are apprehensive about their upcoming visits due to the most recent weather.....
    the rainy weather IS highly unsusal.

    typically Aruba has its rainy season...Nov and Dec....and that rainy season "rarely" produces the rain like the rain of Sunday.
    it was very unusual.

    not often are there wash out days for those on vacation.

    typically in Nov and Dec the showers are scattered, and last for minutes, not hours.

    in Dec 2010 shortly before Christmas we experienced more rain than we were used to, but certainly not wash outs.

    in october, maybe 10 or more years ago there was some crazy rain that dampened 3 or 4 mornings in a row.

    so, i am not let this rain on your parade.
    plan your trips and if you are already there get out and enjoy every moment.
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    So true. We always go thanksgiving for two or three weeks. It usually rains while we are sleeping. And if it rains during the day or even the evening, it is no more then half hour, if that. If you're on the beach, no one even moves because by the time you do, the rain has stopped. Rain that happened Sunday is a fluke. Personally we love going during the so called "rainy season". But then again, we just love Aruba

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    The heavy rainfall and flooding experienced on Aruba last week Sunday can best be described as an odd occurrence and not regular as tends to occur in the other islands of the Caribbean; where in addition to flooding they also experience landslides and such. If anything the local authorities will learn from this experience and work towards being better prepared should something like this ever happen( making wider and deeper drains). The police, emergency branches and ordinary Arubans did a bang up job of handling the situation.

    The floodwater has either drained away or dried up, there is still water,power and everything is up and running as usual.

    So to all those new visitors who are apprehensive about visiting, cast it aside and make the visit. You won't regret your decision, you will enjoy yourself and most definately you will want to return to the One Happy Island of Aruba.
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    There was some flooding in Nov 2015 (during week 46), and again this year (during week 47), but it didn't ruin our time on Aruba.
    Just very sorry to see the damage caused by the water to residents homes. As for any damage at the resorts . . . they make lots of $$, and should be able to fix them up quickly
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