Valero builds own nitrogen plant
29 Jul, 2010, 08:16 (GMT -04:00)

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One of the storage tanks from Valero’s new nitrogen plant is being transported to its destination.
ORANJESTAD — Valero is going to build a nitrogen plant at the refinery in San Nicolas to provide for the own energy need – in preparation of the re-opening that is still planned for September 1st.

The refinery announced this in a press report yesterday. Valero has decided to build an own facility now that the contract with the current nitrogen supplier has expired. The construction involves an investment of 1.8 million dollars. The plant will consist of two large storage tanks, one compressor and one evaporator. An adjacent control room will house the electric components, instruments and communication equipment. The facility will be operated by remote control. The plant will have an evaporation capacity of 1.92 MMSCFD and produce 850 cubic meters of nitrogen gas and 4500 liters of liquid nitrogen at the most.

Besides the construction of the plant, Valero will purchase two trucks with nitrogen tanks to transport the nitrogen to parts of the refinery that will be connected to the nitrogen network. Albo Aruba and Customs Contractors are the contractors responsible for the construction of the plant, while De Cuba Electrical Contractors will lay on electricity in the plant. The mechanical part of the plant and the pipe system are currently in the draft phase. The project will be executed in cooperation with the Venezuelan company Oxicar who will supply the equipment. For operational and administrational reasons, Oxicar has established a new company named Gastech to operate the facility. The intention is to have Valero’s nitrogen plant operational in the second week of September.