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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: The weather in Aruba is changing!

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    The weather in Aruba is changing!

    Do you remember always hearing about how Aruba is out of the hurricane belt? Well I think since the world is changing its taking its toll on the weather everywhere. Last year in August I was in Aruba. One of my good friend's father is a weatherman in Aruba. I was on standby flying home. He advised me that I should get out while I could. I had my daughter with me and we packed up our bags and headed to the airport. Boy was that man right!! The next day a hurricane passed by very close to the island. I remember hearing from home that the airport was closed and all the flights were cancelled.We got out at just the right time!
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    I remember, also, years ago...a little more than a senior moment...don't remember which year...but, on my first trip to Aruba, one of the primary reasons, for chosing Aruba,...of course; beaches; hearing many good comments about people; accommodations and food...was that it was supposedly out of the hurricane belt.

    Well, anyhow, we went downtown to shop. While there, it appeared, for some strange reason that merchants were boarding up or just closing shops all over the place. Finally, we asked, "Why?" We were told that a hurricane was heading towards the island. We could not believe it.

    To give one an idea how locals did not believe it either, when we returned to the hotel...we were, prepare for this...a candle each in case the power went off. The hurricane, instead went to Caracus,(sp) VZ. What a relief. Now, it appears that Aruba , as stated by DushHeldi, is no longer really out of the belt because of changing global patterns. What a shame!
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    "Hurricane climatology of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba
    The Leeward (ABC) Islands

    Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are on the southern fringes of the hurricane belt. They are not outside the hurricane belt as many consider. History learns that roughly once every 100 years considerable damage is experienced by tropical cyclones passing over or just south of the islands. Although the hurricane experience level for the islands may be regarded as nihil, well known is the minor hurricane which passed just south of Curaçao on September 23, 1877 causing an estimated structural damage of US$ 2 million, mainly to the coastal section of Willemstad. A nunnery was completely washed away (remnants still visible with low tide), many ships were lost and at least 70 persons drowned. The lowest barometer reading at Willemstad was observed at 23/15:30 UTC with 995.4 millibars. A ship sailing south of Curaçao reported a lowest pressure of 988.8 millibars.

    In this context the most significant events in the past few years were related to tropical storms Joan in 1988, tropical storm Bret in 1993 and tropical storm Cesar in 1996. Tropical storm Joan, which past just south of the islands on October 16, 1988, caused an estimated structural damage of approximately US$1.5 million, mainly by blown off roofs and by rough seas pounding exposed harbor and beach facilities. ...

    On the average, once every 4 years a tropical cyclone occurs within a radius of 100 miles, but mostly passing to the north of the islands without causing serious bad weather. ..."

    For those interested in global warming...

    Parts of California see coldest temps since 1893...

    Cold temps in Oregon break 118-year-old record...

    Alaska glaciers grew this year, thanks to colder weather...

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