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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: What Do You Do On A Rainy Day In Aruba?

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    My philosophy has always been " a rainy day in Aruba is always better than a snowy day in New England".
    Next Aruba trip in [Countdown=03/19/2016@8;0am;]I'm finally there]Count down:[/Countdown]
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    Senior Member Liz - Aruba Lover's Avatar
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    Rainy day in Aruba - Casino!

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    On one afternoon during a heavy rain I decided to cross the street to go over to Alhambra for bit. The parking lot of DIvi looked like a small river or pond. A nice pick-up truck with a couple of guys in it decided to try extremely fast thru it and I basically was wearing the river/pond water. I was in total shock that this just happened in Aruba. Not sure if it was visitors or workers but either way I hope they got a good laugh out of it. Every time I walk thru the parking lot now to go to DD or casino I just always remember that story and now i am able to laugh.

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    We still sit under our palapa and drink because it usually doesn't last long.

    I forgot to post in our trip report that we ate at Pelican's nest on the pier at HI. We had no reservations but they still put us at a nice table on the corner of the pier out under the stars. After we got our bread and drinks it DOWNPOURED. It was very unexpected and we moved to under an umbrella. It rained off and on during the meal. It was cool to watch the lightening in the distance and also the boats moving around when all we could see is their lights.

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.
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