This forum is a wonderful place to share our stories, experiences and feelings for Aruba and all that it has to offer.

Newcomers and Aruba veterans alike are made to feel comfortable and welcome. That is due in large measure to the hard work of our administrators and moderators. I think that means you Andrea. I was kind of late getting to the party here; another hug Andrea?

I think best thing about the forum, and again this is due to the vigilance of the people running the show, is that while we can all express our opinions about something, we are respectful of others. (Although I'll never understand why someone wouldn't agree that El Gaucho serves up the best-tasting source of protein on the planet.)

This is also a place where friendships are made because of our common interest. If I mention Aruba to people here I usually get a polite, but decidedly blank stare. Here on the forum I'm talking with people who are knowledgeable and share the same passion for Aruba that I do.

Charles is right, this forum is a place of connectivity.

Let's keep it going.