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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: What are the shipping rates from Aruba to the US?

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    Smile What are the shipping rates from Aruba to the US?

    I was just wondering because I might have something mailed to my house from there.
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    FedEx Express
    Browninvest Financial CenterWayaca 31-A
    Phone 297-582-9039
    Fax 297-583-4393

    DHL Aruba (Worldwide Cargo Courier Aruba NV)
    Wayaca 45
    Phone 297-588-7322
    Fax 297-588-7311

    Can anyone help me with this? "$40 dollars "

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    Try the Aruba post office. Get a 'higher' level than 'standard'.
    Only way to send things from Aruba to US w/o a container (or partial
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    Hi Just2peachy,

    I'm new here to the forum but I do know a thing or two about transportation. In addtion to the choices already mentioned there is also available Copa Airlines Cargo and Courier, Amerijet SPS (Smal Package Service), Amerijet cargo, UPS and World Courier.

    The Amerijet SPS service is a good one if you want to send a package weighing more that just 1 pound. Their rate is $35 fo up to 10 Lbs to Miami for example. They have more destinations but to get rates you'll need to inform them where to or I could get the rate for you since I do have one of their rate sheet at hand. The reason why the Amerijet SPS service is cheeper is because it is from airport to airport. Door to door delivery is available upon request. But even including the door to door cost it still comes out cheeper per pound. I would not recommend it if you're sending just a letter. For that my recommendation would be Copa Courier or any of the previously mentioned couriers.

    The post office also has an express service available, but it all depends on how fast you want you package or letter to reach its destination.

    I hope to have been of help. For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Best regards,
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