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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: this will be my first year not going to arbua

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    Junior Member sbardolf's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
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    I hear where you're coming from

    Last year at Easter I was also thinking we would have to skip a year, b/c we were waiting on adopting a toddler from Russia. We figured it would happen around Feb 2010,and there was no way we could do it.

    Well, surprise, suprise, we no sooner got home from Aruba, then we got the referral call!! Our two yr old son's adoption was finalized after two trips to Russia on August 29th.

    We are taking him back this Easter. I'm a little scared, b/c he is a toddler.
    But heck, it will just be a different kind of vacation.... Aruba is Aruba, right?

    Congrats to you both~

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    We brought both our son and our daughter when they were 4 months old! Bring the baby. We just returned from two phenomenal weeks at the Surf club with our 5 year old boy and 2.5 year old girl (this was her third trip to Aruba.) It's easy-just do it. Congrats by the way!
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    Of course this is your decision, but if I were you, I'd take the baby. I went to Aruba twice when I was pregnant (first time when I was only 9 weeks pregnant and the second when I was 7 months pregnant). When I was 9 weeks pregnant, we went to Aruba with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their then 5 month old baby. Last year we went with my then 10 month old daughter and we'll be going back again in 29 days with my 21 month old daughter. The key to bringing a toddler (bring a grandparent)!!! My mom comes with us every year. She gets a free trip and we get a babysitter
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