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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Wisconsin Help For Stray Dogs

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    Wisconsin Help For Stray Dogs

    I just joined this forum yesterday having recently returned from my second visit to Aruba. I love the island and cannot wait to return! However, like many other individuals, I am heartbroken to see the situation that so many dogs are in. I live in Wisconsin and am reaching out to see if anyone in the area works with the Aruba Animal Shelter, or any other organization in Aruba to assist with this problem. I have two dogs of my own and unfortunately cannot have any others at this time. Sometime in the future after my two have passed, I would love to become involved in helping to transport and foster dogs until I can find them homes here. Until then I am looking to help in any other way I can think of. I just don't know where to begin.
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    Check out this link

    "Cheryl" posts regular on that bulletin board. Also, "BillStellaR" is friends with Cheryl and also works with Animal Rights when in Aruba. They can be contacted thru that bulletin board.

    Thank You for wanting to help,
    Tom & Karen

    Next Trip: Jan. 6 - April 7
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    Just posted this on another topic but will resend in the hopes that more people will read this...

    Right now there is a big problem in Aruba - the charity (animal rights aruba) that used to give out discount vouchers for spay/neutering has stopped their
    program. From what I have read and hear about them, they have laid off their
    one person who was on full-time and closed their office in Sun Plaza. I saw
    in a press report recently that they are now aimed at "eduction" - I am
    still trying to get more information about what their intentions are of re-starting their spay/neuter program but generally think this might not happen in the near future.

    More resources than ever are going to be needed in the coming days
    to combat a rising birth rate of dogs & cats.

    The best way you can help is to support any animal charity in Aruba
    that has programs going to to help out the existing animals and to
    spay and neuter -

    I myself am doing a kitten and cat rescue charity because of the need
    on the island to take care of baby kittens that need to be raised on the
    bottle or are babies who still need care. I am in the process filing a US tax-deductable charity - meaning you can deduct your donations from your
    taxes in the US. I am also aiming to get home for our kittens in the US as our babies do not have a mom to teach them "street smarts" and there are a lot
    of dangers outdoors including roaming dogs, feral cats and nasty people who don't like cats. Most cats kept in Aruba are left outside.

    My URL is

    I am also in the process of starting a "spay" program with the vet
    where they will contact me about cats in need of spaying of which
    I will either pay or contribute to the costs... This process has been
    started but is it's early state.

    You can also contact the
    Aruba Animal Shelter at

    Yessy who works at the vets in Noord (Contreras Veterinary Services N.V.)
    Note: She is now taking care of most of the ARA shelter animals for adoption on the site

    I know that Cheryl has 2 puppies available for adoption -
    hopefully she can post about them ...

    So in a nutshell - my recommendation is to contribute to a charity or
    to adopt an animal from Aruba. On the ground - there is some stuff you
    can such as see if you can donate some of your time - but your contribution or to adopt an animal and bring it to the US is the best thing you can do.

    Aruba Kitten Rescue
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