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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: your thoughts on Pool or Beach Shade Lounge and Chair Squatters

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    It should be an entry to my life requirement!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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    Hey Everyone....seems like it has been forever since I have been on....remodeling office and just a pain in the you know what to move things around to just sit and enjoy the forum...feel guilty, but I am back and happy to put my 2 cents in again!!!!!

    So, we try not to use more than we absolutely need and if I see someone looking for a chair(orlounger) and one of our folks is in pool, beach, bar...I give it up then let my folks have mine. Nothing irks me worse than watching 3,4 or more chairs go un-used half the day because people hog them in the am for use later...
    Usually on the beach we dont have a problem, if it gets too hot and we dont have a palapa I head to the water and stay in for a bit, then go up to Jimmys for a cool drink and some people watching.....
    Guess if everyone was a little more understanding and tried to think how they would feel if they were the ones out in the heat there would be more sharing and less hogging !!
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    We often share our palapa with cruise passengers. Never a problem and always nice people. However, this year we offered to share and they took all the shade so I couldn't get out of the sun. I wasn't pleased and went back to the room. Will have to be more clear in future when we share.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arubabob View Post
    Two years ago we were at Costa Linda for 2 weeks with my sis and BIL. We spent most of the first week on the beach but moved to the pool on Wednesday because of some high winds and sandblasting effect. We found an umbrella and 4 lounges on the north side of the pool. We liked this spot because it was out of the way but close to the zero entry point. We were fortunate enough to get the same spot on Thursday and then Friday am. On Saturday we went out around 9am and it was still available so we sat there again. Around 11 a group of about 12 showed up. They were evidently a family of owners that had come in on Friday afternoon. One of the group, a woman about 50 years old, came over and stared at us for a minute. She then proceeded to tell us that we were sitting in their spot, the spot they used every year and would we mind moving as they needed that spot and 2 others next to it for their family. We declined her offer and it made her mad. We could hear her telling the group she was with how rude we were. What is strange is that we got the same spot the next 2 days at 9 again. They didn't show up until around noon each day. The woman always gave us a stare and we could not make out what she was saying about us but I am sure it was not a compliment.
    Wow, that behavior is unbelievable. Good for you for holding your stance. Being an owner does not give anyone the right to "reserve" a section and claim whenever they feel like it. The rules at Costa Linda are that if claiming a palapas before 7 am you must stay at the palapas until 7 am. Once checked in by security and after 7, you may leave for up to 2 hours. After that time period, security may remove your belongings. You claimed your palapas correctly and fairly. I simply can't understand the feeling of entitlement that family portrayed.
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