Hello all. I have been reading through alot of the posts here for information and stuff like that. Just wanted to say hello to all you nice people

We will be traveing to Aruba for the first time ever in July with my 18 month old. It will be her first plane ride..uh oh..

We plan on renting a villa there and i am still iffy about what location we should stay.

I have narrowed it down to a villa near Palm Beach or a villa in Tierra Del Sol. I have really no clue what the difference is in locations. Any tips? I'm not a golfer . I'm traveling from NYC and looking forward to get away from the large crowds and chaos. This is why we decided on a private villa with a private pool.

We will be renting a 4x4 and do plan on exploring while were there And snorkeling off the beach is something my wife loves dearly.

Cant wait to get there!!