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Thread: "Aruba Rocks"

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    "Aruba Rocks"

    This may (or may not) be something that you and/or your kids may want to do in Aruba.

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    This is a rock, with a cute frog painted on it.

    It might be a fun thing to do in Aruba with your kids...... Just bring a few plain, naked rocks (can be bought in bags at Lowes or Home Depot). Bring just a few. Not too many as the weight becomes problematic. In a large ziplock gallon bag, bring some paint in small (really small) containers and brushes. Make sure that your child or you puts on the back of the rock..............Made by John Doe, Boston, Ma USA
    At night or during non beach time, let the kidlets do a little painting................THEN......bring them into a neighborhood or near a school or church and hide the rock someplace where another person, hopefully a "local kid" finds it. is a good site for ideas.

    It is always nice to bring a souvenir home from Aruba, but nice to leave a souvenir from a visitor.

    I am not going to paint rocks while in Aruba in Dec, but I will bring a couple with me and leave them near St Anne's school in Noord.

    It would be nice if we could get "Aruba Rocks" to really take off.
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