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Thread: Best timeshare on the Beach

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    Thanks dwhaley for the thoughtful and informational post. LOL, after I posted this a.m. I happened to hear Clark Howard this afternoon telling a caller that he could take advantage of a $49 resort vacation weekend offer in lieu of listening to the timeshare pitch, only if and ONLY, if he was able to say "NO".

    My dh is the only person in the world I know who does not care about having a kitchen on vacation. Says it reminds him too much of home! A "hotel room" lets him know he is on VACATION.

    As an aside, Clark Howard also mentioned sky high airfares, the highest last year than any previous year. He is pretty convinced we will soon be left with 3 "majors"- United, Delta & American (US Air + American). Again leaves me thinking that being "locked in" to a timeshare is not a real advantage for "SAVING" ...

    Still waiting for someone to convince me otherwise...

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    As others and I have said, timeshares are not for everyone. I could do a timeshare sales pitch but I hate listening to them. For my family and I, the timeshare works great. I have plenty of flexibility. I can use my points to go any day of the week to wherever I want based on availability, just like a hotel. The floating weeks are just that, I can use them through out the year based on availability. If I chose to deposit my floating week into II, I now have the option of splitting the week up into days. I can go any day of the week for a minimum of 3 nights. I live outside of Atlanta and have family in NC and FL. I use my timeshares to stay somewhere near family and I drive to visit them over the holidays. If I plan it right, I usually can get a 2 or 3 bdrm in exchange for a 1 bdrm and we all stay at the resort. Being near ATL, you can find good deals on plane tickets. We usually use credit card points/miles for plane tickets. I should have put this in the earlier post. The best place to stay or buy is where you are happy. I have 3 weeks to go before my second trip to Aruba. I will be staying a La Cabana again. While it is not the Marriott, with the renovations that are being made, it will be a nice resort when it is finished. I personally like the low keyed atmosphere at La Cabana. 3 weeks and counting.
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