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Less service for TS users...

  1. qlaval
    Like moneytalks in her recent trip report made me remembered housekeeping service is now different if you are a TS owner.

    It was already like that on our last March trip, that different housekeeping service availability bugs me a little, let me explain...
    I think that you are now all aware that housekeeping is no longer provided on Sundays and Tuesdays.
    Not that this service cut bothers me a great deal, it is mostly by principle, if they start to make a difference in the TS owners and the hotel guests where will it stop?
    Doing so might even be a breach of contract in the signed verifications of benefits contract as stated in Art C. 2. Services provided included all hotel services and activities as they are available to regular guests.
    The articles of the verifications of benefits are not very precise.
    Seaport could always argue that the housekeeping is provided and the owners on the other side could argue that it is not to same availability...
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  2. qlaval
    Let's say that it just an open door to two kind of services.
    One for TS owners and one for the Hotel guests.
    Imagine if in 2 year there is no longer housekeeping on Saturday, Monday and Thursday.
    And in 5 years from now that there is only one complete housekeeping on Friday with a tidy service during mid week just like at the Ocean club and the Surf Club...
    Then it could start to be other things as well like no more free parking for TS owners and so on...

    What do you think?
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  3. moneytalks
    I was not aware that the contract includes that all services shall be the same as the regular hotel guests. If so, I guess that at this point they are in breach of contract. One plus is that we are the only ones that receive the 15% discount. However, with our diminished numbers we are definitely at a disadvantage. As others mentioned, there is no longer a steel drum band playing on Fridays. They were there last year in July.
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  4. qlaval
    Yes the 15% is a good thing it's a win win situation for both the owners and the resort.
    As for the band last March if I remember well there was one but maybe I'm mistaking...
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