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Just returned--update

  1. moneytalks
    We just returned from a two week stay at the Ocean Suites (July 16-31). We stayed the first night on Marriott points on the fourth floor. The “hotel” floors have the comfy beds and upscale bedding as well as the flat screen TVs. We moved to 2545 the next day for our two week stay. Since we own two different units I always email Liliana and ask her to put us into one unit for both weeks. She is always so helpful and is definitely an asset to the Renaissance staff. As mentioned, housekeeping is not provided on Sundays and Tuesdays. Not a big deal—most resorts in the US don’t provide it at all. All the units (except the one I was in ) have the new French door patio window unit. They hope it will cut down on the dampness, but of course some dopes leave the door open which defeats the purpose. Continued...
  2. moneytalks
    Part two...

    I attended the timeshare meeting the first week we were there. Brian said all improvements have been put on hold due to the economy. He said they are doing their best to save jobs and to avoid a special assessment to owners. I agree that that is a prudent move. Most troublesome is the fact that many owners, especially in the low season, failed to pay their maintenance fees (again, due to the economy) and so their units have reverted back to the developer who has turned them back into hotel units. THIS IS NOT GOOD NEWS FOR TIMESHARE OWNERS—when our numbers shrink we have less clout. It boggles my mind that someone wouldn’t sell their unit at a bargain or try to rent it until times get better before letting the developer take it back! I wish there was some way to get that word out. I know many people who would be willing to buy another week if the price was right. It’s certainly better than nothing! Continued...
  3. moneytalks
    Part three... The 15% discount for timeshare owners was great, although it seemed to be useful only at the pool bar and private island. LG Smith refuses to honor it when using it for their “early bird special”. I shall refuse to honor them with my presence next year. I know it says something about some exclusions, etc., but come on…
    Julio, Natalie, Elizabeth, Legino and the whole bar staff were outstanding as usual. They have a new F&B manager who is making them all rotate to Blue for a few months at a time. I don’t think they are too crazy about doing that. I hope they are all back by the time we return next year.
    For the first time we experienced mosquitoes at the private island. The weather had been rainy so they were ruthless! They did spray one day which seemed to help. We sat on the adult side and heard the buggers were on the family side as well. They were not an issue as the weather dried out.
    Another great trip at the best resort!
  4. qlaval
    Thanks for the trip report!
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