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Gold Coast aruba Villas

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  1. dimate
    Has anyone moved into the Gold Coast property yet? What's your impression? In general? Quality of construction? Interior choices? Do you plan to rent? If you are uncomfortable sending it over public Internet, please send me an email at

    I have a townhouse in the Stage 2.

  2. sy428
    I have a townhouse in Phase I. I got the key in May. I am going there again at the end of August thru. Labor Day weekend. Anyone going there at that time?

  3. EHampite
    We, too, have a townhouse in Stage 2, Bushiri model, with an anticipated completion date in Jan/Feb 2009. We are scheduled to be in Aruba 1/7-15, but are looking at possibly going down in Aug or Sep to check on progress and make some final decisions. Thought the backyard options were a bit pricey, so we opted out except for the pavers. We will have our own free-standing grill in the back yard, and that will be just fine.

    When we were there in February, they had just switched to an Italian cabinet company but had no real information to give us so we could select our cabinets. That's one of the big decisions we still have to make. The website is all in Italian, so that is really of no help to us!

    We were extremely pleased with the quality of the construction when we toured the site in February and didn't feel the need to make many upgrades at all. Only question will be the cabinets.

    We plan to rent our unit only by word of mouth to people we know. I'm not comfortable renting to just anyone and taking the chance of it getting ruined. We'll see as time goes on, but that is our plan.

    Thanks, Barry, for starting this group. I think this will be very helpful for GCV owners to network and share ideas.
  4. thea669
    I am interested in purchasing a town home in Gold Coast but have not been successful in contacting them for pricing and information. They have not responded to emails and when I call the toll-free number from the US, it goes straight to the answering machine.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to find out pricing and availability?

  5. EHampite
    I presume you used the email address We deal with Fito Croes at Gold Coast - try his email address:

    We, too, have trouble at times reaching them - they really are on island time! If you prefer to call, we have better luck reaching them at the regular phone number - 297 583 7700, not the toll free. Good luck!
  6. EHampite
    Does anyone know how GCV fared during the recent storms? Any water damage or delays in the continuing development?
  7. dimate
    I talked to Tony Wilson, the PM, he said, the rains have created a two month delay in construction.
  8. EHampite
    Dimate, thanks for the update - that's good to know. We head down in January and will be able to see then how it has affected the building of our townhome. We are thinking now that it will most likely be April or May when it's completed.
  9. martin
    Hi we have just returned from Aruba. We took ownership of our townhouse (number 41) on the 2 September. Yes a few issues but all resolved. We have furnished our home and managed to get it rented out via Ed on a long term rental. The place is gradually coming together and the pool and gardens in Phase 1 should be complete by Xmas. Love to hear from anyone and to provide help if you have not purchased your furniture yet. Cheers Martin
  10. EHampite
    Martin, did you purchase furniture in Aruba or ship from home? We have been buying and storing furniture here and plan to get a container to ship to Aruba in the spring. We expect to take ownership of our townhome end of February or early March. Look forward to the experience.
    Can you share the issues you had and how they were resolved? Thanks for the information.
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