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Red Sail Sports, the international adventure outfitter, welcomes you to the bright and breezy island of Aruba which boasts year round sunshine, brilliant azure waters and beaches that glitter by day like the casinos that are open all night. There is no better way to discover Aruba's uniqueness than with the activities experts and four time 'IGUANA' award winner Red Sail Sports.

Explore the belly of a submerged German freighter... melt into the romance of a sunset aboard a luxurious catamaran... search for treasures in our island-wide boutiques... experience the natural beauty of Aruba on a horse or in a jeep. Whatever your sport or skill, dive into a vacation with Red Sail Sports, the hottest name for Aruba sun, fun and thrills! Red Sail Sports is also Aruba’s finest Destination Management Company.

For thrill seekers Red Sail Sports just introduced the coolest, most exhilarating watersports ride of your life – the JETLEV! You can literally fly over the ocean, soar up to 30 feet in the air... or hover and walk along the water. JETLEV is unlike any thrill ride you'll ever experience and exclusively available at Red Sail Sports.

JETLEV  is a water propelled Jetpack. The system is powered by a custom-designed 225 horsepower engine creating 800 – 1000 gallons per minute of thrust, which can propel the pilot to heights of 30 feet. The throttle can also be controlled remotely by the flight-instructor which will guide the rider how to use the controls during their initial flight to ensure a safe and controlled experience. A flight assistant will accompany each JETLEV pilot to ensure a safe and uninterrupted flight experience. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to fly.

We provide our guests with experienced, professional and friendly staff, top-notch equipment, and an assortment of exciting and unique island activities, both on and off the water. Red Sail Sports has the most expansive fleet of catamarans and dive boats in Aruba. With resources to provide groups of any size with first class facilities, including three deluxe 53’-70’ catamarans and three custom-built dive boats.