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Soul Beach Music Festival 2018 Concert Artists

7 Things You Missed if You Did Not Attend the 2018 Soul Beach Music Festival

Soul Beach Music Festival 2018 was THE place to be this Memorial Day weekend.

The comedy night had me laughing out loud. The musical performances were exactly what I had hoped for. And the parties? The parties were nothing short of a celebration of carefree vacation vibes and appreciation of good music. Experiencing FOMO already? Just wait until you read about the 7 iconic moments you missed out on if you did not attend this year’s Soul Beach Music Festival.


1. Marlon Wayans trying to keep up with the cool kids.

Comedy Night

It’s no secret that Marlon Wayans is a funny guy, he definitely had the audience rolling off their seats during Friday’s comedy night. Watching him (trying to) recreate the popular “floss” and “shoot” dances that the kids are doing had me in tears. Besides that, the entire comedy night was a great way to break the ice and get everyone in the mood for the rest of the weekend. Sydney Castillo, Buddy Lewis, and even host Rudy Rush were equally hilarious.

2. Alicia Keys taking us back with her timeless classics.

Seeing Alicia Keys performing live was a delightful experience. Her peaceful demeanor was contagious. She was so happy to be up on stage performing for us all here in Aruba.

“There’s nothing like the wind in Aruba, I simultaneously feel cool and hot.” – Alicia Keys

Cool and hot are perfect descriptors of her performance on Saturday night. I think I can speak for all of us when I say: her performances of “Fallin’” and “Superwoman” were moving to say the least! Her performance was phenomenal and I expected nothing less.

3. Host Chris Spencer forgetting that the comedy night was only on Friday.

He must have forgotten, right? Because Chris Spencer had the audience laughing in between performances on Saturday and Sunday. He did a great job at keeping the crowd entertained while the artists set up. He and DJ Outkast were a match made in Aruba. With Spencer’s witty comments and Outkast playing the right tunes at the right time, there was no such thing as being bored between acts!

4. Turning up and winding down almost simultaneously.

Soul Beach Music Festival 2018 Beach Party

There’s no party like an Aruba beach party. Both MooMba Beach and Baby Beach were the places to be for the Official Soul Beach - Beach Parties. The very best DJ's knew how to keep everyone on their feet and having fun. You would think that the bright sun would stop people from shaking their tail feathers…. Absolutely not! If anything, the bright rays seemed to have an energizing effect on party goers. The best part about partying on a beach in Aruba is that a quieter more zen stretch of sand is just a short walk away! When it was time to relax we could just stroll along the shores of the white sand beaches and find a quiet spot.

5. Seeing your favorite artists, up close and personal.

Soul Beach Music Festival 2018 Concert Artists

One of the benefits of attending a concert on the small but mighty island of Aruba is the lack of giant concert venues. The Soul Beach Music Festival was an exclusive and intimate experience where artists and audience could easily interact. In my opinion, that was the best part! Even those who were all the way in the back were still able to be immersed in the great ambiance that this year’s edition of Soul Beach brought to the One happy island. 

6. Thousands of opportunities to make a new friend.

Soul Beach Music Festival 2018 Beach Party

This year was record-breaking for Soul Beach. Thousands of fun, interesting, and exciting people were in attendance this year. If you were looking to make a new friend or 2 (and even if you weren’t) there were a multitude of like-minded happy party-goers from all over the US, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world to connect with! I was standing by myself while my husband got us some drinks, next thing I knew I was Milly Rocking with a group New Yorkers!

7. Aruba, of course…

Aruba is what makes Soul Beach… Soul Beach! The island is the perfect host country. Sun, sand, and soul. You may have missed Soul Beach this year, but the good news is, you’re right on time to start planning your 2019 Soul Beach Music Festival getaway! For more information, check out their official website.

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