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Fishermen on the Hadicurari Pier Fishing

The Best Guide to Fishing in Aruba

Here I am on the pier in Oranjestad watching local fishermen prepare their boats to show visitors the best fishing trips Aruba has to offer.

Our lifestyle is connected to Aruba’s beautiful beaches, so it's not a coincidence that sport fishing is popular on the island. The Aruba fishing scene has gone under the radar for years, believe it or not.

Local fishermen are passionate about their craft, dedicating years to perfecting it. They know exactly where to find fish, what it takes to catch them and what the best fishing seasons are in Aruba.

Not only are they knowledgeable, but they embed the qualities by any local you will meet while on vacation in Aruba - welcoming, friendly, supportive and fun!

Fishing seasons in Aruba

Aruba waters are known for the big variety of sea fishes. With waters so rich of fish, all seasons are Aruba fishing seasons. But of course, in the different times of the year you will be able to catch another kind of fish. In the month of June, you can find plenty of Yellowfin tuna and Wahoo in the Aruba waters. When you go fishing in Aruba in December, you probably see more fishes like Kingfish and Barracuda. 

Deep Sea Fishing in Aruba

You can fish around the entire island, the weather is stable and you can catch big fish! I’m talking about big game fish and they are available year-round.

When you’re fishing in Aruba and go 10 to 13 miles far out from the island you don't know what you’re going to catch, because there are so many different fish species in the Aruban waters. Here’s a list of all types of fish in Aruba. However, the types of fish are certainly not limited to this list: 

  • Sharks
  • Kingfish
  • Black & Yellowfin tuna
  • Sailfish
  • Blue marlin & White marlin (strictly catch & release)
  • Bonito
  • Barracuda
  • Wahoo
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Amberjack

It’s easy to find Aruba fishing charters. The boats are docked at the Renaissance Marina pier in Oranjestad.

Trolling? Bottom fishing? Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, you can ask for any fishing style, from Fly Fishing in Aruba to Deep Sea Fishing.

There’s an option for everyone, no matter the experience level or budget. Here are the average prices for chartering a boat (prices are subject to change depending on the season):

  • Half day - 4 hours $400.00 - 6 hours $600.00
  • Full day - 8 hours $800.00

Here’s a list of essentials I would bring on my Aruba fishing trip:

  • Sunglasses
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Light clothing
  • If you like to drink, you can bring your own beer, they have ice on board

The Best Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Aruba

If you are up for deep sea fishing in Aruba, there are over a dozen companies on the island that can help you.

Here’s a list of the best deep-sea fishing charters in Aruba worth looking into.

  • Lucky Star - one of the only boats with 4 fishing chairs
  • Driftwood - captain owns the restaurant and will cook your catch for you traditional style
  • Mahi-Mahi - one of the Aruban charters specialized in catching Mahi’s
  • Ola Sport Fishing Aruba - the perfect option if you want to go deep sea fishing in comfort. Enjoy air conditioning and a spacious salon with speakers for your music.
Fisherman Arthur Giel holding a fish

Fly Fishing in Aruba

Aruba is not the fly fishing capital of the world. The constant winds and tides make fly fishing difficult on the island.

But it turns out that it’s definitely possible to fly fish here anyway, despite not having perfect conditions. All you need to know is the right spots and knowledge of local fly fishing tactics.  

Local fishermen usually go fly fishing in Aruba between mangroves at the Spanish lagoon and on nearby flats.

A guide that knows the ins and outs of fly fishing in Aruba will be helpful to you if it’s your first time fly fishing on the island.

The main catches while fly fishing in Aruba are:

  • Bonefish
  • (Baby) Tarpon
  • Snook
  • Permits
  • Or any other fish that bites the bait!

The Best Fly Fishing Charter in Aruba

  • Fly And Spin Fishing - one of the best local fishermen on fly-fishing and light tackle fishing on the island.


Local people fishing

The Best Fishing Trip Experience in Aruba

Wouldn't it be great to catch a Mahi or Kingfish on your deep sea fishing adventure in Aruba?

Or even try fly fishing in Aruba for the first time?

Whether you choose to charter a boat or fish at the beach close to your hotel, you can definitely catch a fish that you will be proud of. It’s going to be one of those “the one that didn’t get away” stories your friends and family can’t stop hearing about!

Other Fun Things to do on Aruba's Waters 

Would you rather enjoy other activities on the water instead of fishing? Whatever you decide to do, the waters of Aruba are bursting with life and activity! What about relaxing along the beautiful beaches and coves that Aruba has to offer? Or snorkeling in the crystal clear water? In Aruba, you can make the most of your water experience.


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