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FIFA world cup 2022

Attention all soccer fans! The FIFA World Cup is back!

Four years have already gone by. One pandemic later, and it’s time for the World Cup again. ⚽

Get your team colors ready, and grab your snacks and drinks, because the matches start on the 20th of November. Not a soccer fan? Join in on the fun anyway! The World Cup is a unique event, in my opinion, as non-fans and fans of the sport unite to cheer on their (favorite) country. Soccer fans are passionate about their teams, but during the World Cup, this is on another level. In Aruba, and I imagine many other countries, it’s a month-long excuse to get together and have fun. It’s kind of like Superbowl Sunday, but for every match. Don’t even get me started on when the most popular teams go head-to-head. You can hear cheers and boos across the entire island. Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, you’ll still be able to enjoy the festivities, as many bars and restaurants have specials when matches are on. Check out some establishments below that have the best and most fun seats in the house during games. Get ready for lots of yelling, cheering, and cold drinks! 

Renaissance Marketplace

Okay, so you won't be in the stadium watching the game live… What’s the next best thing? The World Cup square of Aruba! That’s where. The largest open-air spot with large screens for every match! The best part? All the different restaurants in the Renaissance Marketplace have specials for the World Cup season. After all the excitement, you can enjoy the rest of what Oranjestad has to offer, or stick around and enjoy the wonderful culinary delights in the marketplace.

People having dinner on the outside terrace at Café the Plaza.

Café The Plaza

Don’t be alarmed by all the orange. If you’re not rooting for the Dutch team, I would avoid this place… Just kidding, of course! Café the Plaza is one of the most popular locations to watch World Cup matches. Even if you’re not team “orange”! With bucket deals and mega screens, you surely won't want to miss out! It’s such a high-energy and fun spot to be during the matches. Especially when The Netherlands is playing. You can probably already imagine what it’s going to be like if The Netherlands wins…

Café 080

Speaking of The Netherlands, another popular Dutch cafe on the island is Café 080. They’ll have bucket deals all day long, 2 daily happy hours, and 4 big screens. It gets even better though! What goes well with any sporting event and beer? Free snacks! The first 100 people to arrive for the Netherlands matches at Café 080 get free snacks and Balashi orange. The convenient location is close to Palm Beach, on the route to Alto Vista Chapel. 🍺

People interacting with one another at Cafe 080 in Aruba.

Eagle Bowling

If orange is not really your color and you prefer more of a yellow and green hue, Eagle Bowling is the place for you. Go and enjoy their bar and snack platters. The good thing is, if your team is losing, you can play some bowling. Why continue watching if it’s just going to hurt you?

5 O’Clock Somewhere

The name says it all. While some matches will be in the morning, you shouldn’t worry… Do you know why? It's 5 o’clock somewhere… World Cup specials are here for you any time of the day. Enjoy Local Buckets: $20. (Balashi, Magic Mango, Chill, Carib) or Exported Buckets: $25. (Amstel Bright, Heineken, Landshark, Bud Light, Budweiser, Corona) available during all games. This unique spot is located in the center of the Renaissance Marketplace. You’ll have plenty to do in the area before and after the game.

5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar & Grill Aruba


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