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Eat Local 2019- The Lazy Turtle

The best burgers in Aruba: our ultimate top 5

Let’s be honest: vacations are best enjoyed in the company of a juicy, flavorful burger.

And luckily, you’ll find some amazing fast-food restaurants in Aruba. Whether you’re craving some effortless fast food while in Aruba, want a kid-friendly spot to treat your little ones (and yourself), or prefer to snack on your burger while also sipping from a mojito – we’ve rounded up the best burgers in Aruba. These spots will serve mouthwatering burgers and snacks. The island will serve the sunset and good vibes. So all you’ll need to bring is a large appetite. Keep scrolling for our roundup of Burgers in Aruba. 


Fast food in Aruba: juicy, meaty, and mouthwatering burgers

When visiting Aruba, you’ll discover the Island is like a melting pot of flavors, styles, and cuisines. That same variety is also reflected in the island’s selection of burgers. Looking for fast food restaurants in Aruba? If you’re a traditional foodie, you might enjoy a classic beef pattie sandwiched between two freshly baked buns – courtesy of Smokey Joe's Island Grill. But, Aruba being an island and all, the best burgers in Aruba might not actually contain beef – but seafood! At the classy Papagayo Bar & Grill, you can feast on a crab sandwich (aptly titled “Crabilicous”). In the below list of burgers in Aruba, you’ll find something for everyone. Are you hungry yet? 

Water's Edge Restaurant & Bar - classic burger 

It’s best to slip into your dancing shoes (or really, any type of shoes) when visiting Water’s Edge Restaurant & Bar. Located right at the sea, as part of the Costa Linda Beach Resort, this leisurely restaurant serves food, cocktails, and entertainment. Featuring cozy outdoor seating, they’re open from breakfast to dinner and feature live music in the early evening. But if you’re a burger lover, we recommend you drop by for lunch – as this is when their burger menu is at its finest. Water’s Edge Restaurant & Bar is known for its fresh Angus beef burgers, with classic toppings like bacon, cheddar, onions, pickles, and more. All burgers come with a side of French fries, Cajun fries, sweet potato fries, or coleslaw. 

Local Store Aruba - Rumshop burger 

Located in Aruba’s more urban Palm Beach, Local Stora Aruba is a no-nonsense, authentically-flavored fast food spot. Every day between about 9:30 AM and 10:30 PM, you can drop by for curbside pickup or have your food delivered. In other words: Local Store Aruba is perfect if you want to enjoy your burger on the beach or are looking for an easy night of eating in your hotel. In addition to a wide array of fried chicken and shrimp, you can choose from a variety of mouthwatering burgers. There’s the namesake Local Store burger, as well as a vegetarian option (a homemade black bean pattie). But if you’re looking for a true feast, we recommend the Rumshop burger. Melted Swiss cheese, sauteed garlic shrimp, pickled onion, and a side of sriracha mayo… need we say more? 

The Lazy Turtle Aruba - Big burger 

Has your day in Aruba made you exceptionally hungry? Look no further than The Lazy Turtle Aruba! Open every day from breakfast to dinner, this quirky Palm Beach hotspot serves Caribbean seafood, cocktails, and – of course – burgers. Their big burger features a home-made beef patty, topped with lettuce, tomato, crispy onions, cheese, and salsa rosada. It comes with fries too! The restaurant itself is cozy and laid-back, perfect for a chill Caribbean night. 

Smokey Joe's Island Grill - The greatest burger in paradise

Located on the boulevard of Palm Beach, Smokey Joe’s Island Grill is somewhat of a household name in Aruba. Open daily from 5 PM to 10 PM, this iconic spot offers outdoor dining in a festive, flamboyant atmosphere. Because your vacation should be a party, right? Their ribs have been crowned the best of the Caribbean – and their burgers aren’t far behind. Looking for the greatest burger in paradise? Well, that’s on the menu at Smokey Joe’s Island Grill! But, you can also choose from barbequed pulled chicken, coconut shrimp, and much more. 

Papagayo Bar & Grill - Crabilicous 

A burger… but make it special – that’s what you’ll get at Papagayo Bar & Grill. Located on the beachfront, as part of the classy Renaissance Island hotel, Papagayo Bar & Grill is known for its lovely views, accessible dining with a twist, and resort-level service. They’re open daily from 8 AM to 6 PM and, although their stated dress code is ‘casual,’ we’re guessing you’ll need shoes and a shirt to enjoy their service. Next to sandwiches and salads, they offer a variety of burgers including a classic Angus burger. But when in Aruba, why not opt for some seafood? Papagayo Bar & Grill’s Crabilicous burger is made from (you guessed it) a crab patty. It’s topped with the chef’s secret sauce, tomato, lettuce, and served with french fries. Enjoy! 

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