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Aruba: The best island in the Caribbean for families

Aruba: The best island in the Caribbean for families

Choosing the perfect holiday destination can be difficult, especially when you are travelling with children. You want them to have the best time on their vacation, but it’s okay to think of yourself a little bit too. That’s why Aruba is the best island in the Caribbean for families. It has a lot to offer for kids, but for you as well. Let me convince you why Aruba is the most family friendly Caribbean island!

Family friendly hotels and resorts on this Caribbean island

Aruba has the most sunny days in the Caribbean, award-winning pristine beaches and warm, crystal-clear waters. But there’s more. Did you know this island offers a vast array of top-rated accommodations which are family friendly? Whether you’re looking to stay in a cozy Airbnb villa rental in the Aruban countryside or in a convenient all-inclusive resort including a kids club; there are loads of accommodation options available for any kind of budget. This is one of the reasons why Aruba is the best Caribbean island for a family vacation.

Aruba is the safest caribbean island for families

Another big advantage is that Aruba is a very safe place to enjoy your holiday. A comforting thought, especially when you are planning to take kids to this holiday destination. Aruba has a low crime rate, which makes Aruba a safe vacation spot. Also, Aruba is laying just outside the hurricane belt, so chances of getting hit by a hurricane or tropical storm are slim to none. This also means that you can expect reliably great weather throughout the year.

When deciding on the location for your next Caribbean vacation, safety should definitely be used as an important deciding factor. Aruba is winning big time on this topic, which makes it the safest Caribbean island for families.

Aruba offers a variety of water activities

Aruba is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. You can choose to lay on the white sand and soak up the sun, but you can also choose a more sportive way to enjoy those beaches. The crystal clear ocean depths are home to vibrant reefs and wrecks just waiting to be explored by snorkelers. Do you rather go kayaking with the family? Go for it! For the real daredevils of the family there are possibilities to try kitesurfing and windsurfing. Whatever you and your family are up to, Aruba offers loads of things to do on the water. Do you have small kids that aren’t old enough to do water activities yet? Go to Baby Beach to spend some quality time with the little ones. It’s already in the name, but this quiet and calm beach is ideal for families with small children and babies.

Pelican Adventures in Aruba

Other family activities in Aruba

Next to the range of water activities, there are a lot more family friendly activities on the One Happy Island. What about visiting the natural wonders of Aruba? Climb to the peak of Hooiberg hill and enjoy the view together with your loved ones. Or make a hike through Arikok National Park. If some family members aren’t able to walk in nature for a long time, you can also choose to hire a bike or car. Or go on tour! Thanks to our sightseeing & tours you and your family can explore every beautiful corner of Aruba. You only have to choose the perfect Aruba sightseeing adventure for your relatives and make the best memories together on the most family friendly Caribbean island.

Excellent food for the whole family

Food and drinks are an important part of your holiday. When it comes to food, it’s important for the restaurants to have something for every family member. Luckily, the Aruban people are a culturally diverse group of people. One of the benefits is that the restaurants serve food from all around the world. Caribbean, Dutch, Italian, Spanish? We have it all! When dining with children, you need to think about more things than just the menu. Are there special chairs for the little ones, for example. Do the restaurants have a play corner? Aruba is known as a very family friendly Caribbean island, so you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is enjoy the quality time and food with the whole family!

Deals & offers for the most family friendly Caribbean island

Like I said, Aruba is the best Caribbean island for a family vacation. Especially when you use our special rates and discounts on your family trip. On our Deals & Offers page, you’ll find the best promotions to save some money on your trip. I would highly recommend checking this out before booking anything. We hope to welcome you soon on Aruba, our family friendly Caribbean island!

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