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How to Escape the Winter Blues

Aruba boasts sunny weather year-round! Check out some reasons why Aruba has the best weather in the entire Caribbean.

Last week New Yorkers, Bostonians, Philadelphians, and other New Englanders were unpleasantly surprised by snowstorm Orson, blasting the northeast with heavy snowfall and high winds. Snow-packed driveways, power outages, school closing and risking a nasty spill on the ice and snow because of winter conditions are enough to make even the most cold-loving person come down with a serious case of the Winter Blues.

The BAD NEWS is that more cold and snow are on the way; news channels are reporting that blizzard-like conditions will hit the East-Coast throughout this week and up until next week. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!


The GOOD NEWS is that there’s an easy way for you to escape this winter horror; check out this (heart) warming video: 

So yes indeed, Aruba boasts sunny weather year-round! Check out some reasons why Aruba has the best weather of the entire Caribbean and is, therefore, the best cure for your winter depression:  

Located Outside the Hurricane Belt

You don’t want to trade-in one horrible weather condition for another, and you absolutely don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room all darn day (with screaming kids) because of a raging hurricane or rain floods.

Fortunately, Aruba is located on the outside fringes of the southern hurricane belt, and records show that Aruba has never been directly hit by a hurricane.

Aruba Has the Most Sunny Days of the entire Caribbean

Sunlight Through the Palm Tree in Aruba

Aruba’s climate is dry and arid, as Aruba is blessed with sunshine and clear skies. Local farmers pray for rain daily but unfortunate for them, Aruba does not enjoy a lot of rainfall. Whereas other Caribbean islands can really distinguish a rainy season from a dry season, in Aruba, this is much less the case. On average, Aruba receives only 16 inches of rain, with the greatest likelihood of precipitation from October through January. Temperatures average in the low 80s year-round, with higher numbers recorded from May through October and lower temperatures from December through March. 

It’s therefore with pride that we can say: Aruba has the most sunny days of the entire Caribbean.

Refreshing Trade Winds

Aruba is known for its refreshing trade winds blowing from the northeast and southeast, peaking at midday. So even though we have that year-round 82-degree temperature, you won’t feel hot, due to the cooling breeze of our trade winds.


So if you're ready to trade those snow boots for flip-flops, check out the JetBlue Vacations deals to #OneHappyIsland.

Warm wishes to all our freezing friends in the Northeast! #brr #nyc #escapethecold #discoveraruba

For a live view of our weather visit the Aruba Weather Page



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