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Faces of Aruba

Local in the spotlight: Ruth Lourens

Ruth Lourens is a perfect example of following your dreams and being rewarded with a sweet ending.

Owner of Ruth’s Cakes, her affinity for baking as a hobby has evolved into a bustling business popular for both traditional local cakes, as well as contemporary and unique cake flavors.

Ruth's Cake

For years, Ruth baked for family and friends who loved her classic Aruban cakes like pistachio, ponche crema, prune, chateau, and cashew.  Ruth’s brother, Franklin “Josito” Lourens,  encouraged her and sister-in-law, Nathalie , who also enjoyed baking, to open their own storefront bakery.  “His idea was to offer cakes by the piece, as many people sometimes just want a taste of something sweet and comforting without having to buy an entire cake,” explains Ruth.  My sister-in-law retired from her job and encouraged me to do the same,” she continues. 

Faces of Aruba

Taking this leap of faith together made Ruth’s decision easier and helped her push through her fear of the unknown, and with the help of her brother who offered a small storefront connected to his carpentry business (Aruwood), Ruth’s Cakes was off and running in November of 2016.

Starting smaller helped the duo tackle the ups and downs of a new business easier.  Fortunately, the concept was well received by the local community and the business steadily grew along the way.  After a few years, Nathalie turned the operation over solely to Ruth, and eventually Ruth’s Cakes moved to a more prominent location at Camacuri 7 in 2020. 

Ruth’s Cakes now has dozens of cakes on offer, including decadent flavors like Ferrero Rocher, Boston cream, Bavarian cream, pecan praline, and the festive Super Man cake, in addition to the classic Aruban varieties.  Ruth credits her daughter, Noëly, with helping to create and oversee the production of many of the newer and more contemporary cake varieties. Her following now includes a substantial tourist following, who enjoy exploring the island’s traditional cakes.

Ruth's Cake

Ruth has an eye to the future, hoping to start offering savory items like quiche, chicken pie, and even breakfast.  Cake lovers can drop in for whole and by-the-piece cakes Monday from 2pm to 6pm, and Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm. 

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