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Zeno 2019 Influencer Content_Wellness_Miki Ash

Miki Ash Shares her Aruba Wellness Experience

Miki Ash celebrates Aloe Wellness Month in Aruba.

If you’re looking for your next travel destination that is deeply fulfilling on a mind, body and soul level, then look no further than the one happy island of Aruba.

A true paradise, this island is lined with powdery white sand beaches, deeply turquoise waters, as well as a rocky mountain terrain and hidden natural gems, all waiting to be discovered by you!

Every June, Aruba celebrates its diverse wellness offerings with their Aloe Wellness month, and I am so excited to be able to share my experience on this idyllic island with you all.

We arrived late at night and the friendly people of the island helpfully guided us until we arrived to our resort, Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa. Recognized as Aruba’s #1 wellness resort, Manchebo’s oceanfront Spa del Sol is an intimate and inviting open-air oasis designed to inspire a lifelong pursuit of health and wellness.

Zeno 2019 Influencer Content_Wellness_Miki Ash

First thing in the morning, after a coffee of course, we took a pilates class in the oceanfront, open air studio on the resort property. Their complimentary daily Yoga and Pilates classes energize and activate the body through movement. There is nothing quite like moving your body after a long day of travel, especially when you get to feel the warm ocean breeze cooling you down during class!

After a nap on the beach (my body was acclimating from too many time zones to keep track of), my friend, Lucette, and I prepared for our a sunset sail with Pelican Adventures.

The boat cruised across the teal waters as the sky transformed itself into a canvas of deep orange with purple and pink clouds floating peacefully above. It was the most serene ending to a beautiful day.

The next morning, we made our way to Vela Sports Aruba where we took a SUP yoga class! Vela is all about that beach culture, offering every adventure under the sun! Splash in the water, explore the island by bike, or relax on the beach, Vela is here to make your time in Aruba everything you dreamt paradise would be. Although it took infinitely more presence and core strength to do even the simplest of poses on top of a stand-up paddle board, there is nothing quite like savasana under the sun, while being rocked gently by the ocean underneath you. I instantly became one with the gentle ripples, which carried all of my stress out to sea, leaving me rejuvenated and inspired!

Zeno 2019 Influencer Content_Wellness_Miki Ash

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the clear turquoise waters are the most gorgeous I have ever seen in my travels across the world, and being able to roll off of the paddle board and into the refreshing ocean after class left a beaming smile across my face all day long.

On our last day, we took a UTV tour of the island with Kini Kini Transfers & Tours. I was a little nervous at first, but it was so fun and adventurous! I was pleasantly surprised to discover the diversity of the landscape of this island. We traversed through the mountainside to discover some of the culture and history - like visiting the first ever church of Aruba, as well as an abandoned gold mine. We saw natural bridges, endless cacti, and natural pools.

Zeno 2019 Influencer Content_Wellness_Miki Ash

After traveling 20+ hours from the craziness of Vietnam to the gloom of Los Angeles, I cannot express just how much my heart and soul needed the natural beauty and joy that this island had to offer. I left my time on Aruba feeling reinvigorated, rejuvenated, and insurmountably inspired. My only regret is that I didn’t stay longer!

Zeno 2019 Influencer Content_Wellness_Miki Ash

Aruba has so much to offer to help you relax, however you want to. Wellbeing is synonymous with healthy-living, and Aruba's amazing experiences promise to help improve mental and physical health not just while you're here, but long after you've returned home. From yoga - whether on the beach or a paddle board, to relaxing boat rides, or off roading and exploring for the more adventurous travelers, you are sure to have a deeply fulfilling and unforgettable wellness experience.

Zeno 2019 Influencer Content_Wellness_Miki Ash


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