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Production to showcase outdoor dining and the new procedures implemented for the safety of locals and visitors

See you in Aruba: Top Tips for Happy Reunions

One of my favorite things about Aruban culture, we find a way to celebrate absolutely everything with the people we love.

Aruban folks crave togetherness and it’s reflected in just about everything we do. Our visitors feel it too, Aruba is their happy place to enjoy with the people they love. As a local, it’s remarkable to witness!

This inspired me to write a post about some great ways to reconnect with the most special people in your life, right here on One Happy Island.

These images showcase the process of the passenger arrival at the Aruba Airport and the testing facility

Come on Over!

First things first, before we get into how you can enjoy an Aruba Ariba on the beach with your amigos, let’s have a look at how we can get the whole party here safely.

As you probably know, we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to COVID-19, but the process of safe travel to Aruba has been streamlined really well!
Check out Aruba’s Traveler Health Requirements to find out exactly how you can travel to Aruba safely and make sure your party can form a safe travel bubble.

Aruba has flights coming in from just about anywhere, making it the perfect meeting spot for loved ones who are geographically separated.

Find more information on flights to Aruba here!

Flight Schedules


Movie night on the beach where guests can relax.

Long-Distance Lovers

We hear this love story time and time again! Love birds on opposite sides of the world flock to Aruba to spend some much-needed quality time together. Below are some tips to make the most of your romantic rendezvous.

The Most Beautiful Sunsets
Take a walk on the beach right as the sun starts going down. Just imagine it, the sky turns orange, yellow, pink, and purple as you walk along the white sandy shores. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that!

A stay at the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort & Spa
Named the most romantic resort in the Caribbean several times, Bucuti and Tara is the place to be when you’re looking for a totally zen romantic experience with amazing views.

I highly recommend their complimentary movie under the stars for a romantic date night.

Dinner and Drinks
Here in Aruba, we take food seriously. It brings people together and it’s the perfect opportunity to meet. From quick bites to extensive luxurious three-course meals, you are sure to find a great spot for you and your partner. Here are some great options.


Production to showcase outdoor dining and the new procedures implemented for the safety of locals and visitors

Far-Away Families

The only thing better than reuniting with the fam after a long time of being apart is doing so on the sunniest island in the Caribbean. As grand celebrations are an integral part of Aruban culture, it should come as no surprise that there are some great activities and amenities for groups.

Rent a Villa or Request Connecting Hotel Rooms
Many resorts offer connecting rooms for families that want to stay close while still enjoying private accommodations. Be sure to request a connecting room with your reservation.
If you’re interested in hosting more of a family reunion, renting a large villa may be your best bet!

Make Dinner Reservations

While restaurants in Aruba currently have more exclusive availability in order to comply with the island’s health and safety protocols, they will still happily set a few tables aside for groups.

Just be sure to make reservations ahead of time so they know you’re coming. The restaurants listed below are great for families

Book Private Activities

Be sure to book some private or exclusive Aruba activities. Boat trips, sightseeing tours, an authentic local meal by a private chef. No distractions, just you, the people you care about the most, and everything nice Aruba has to offer. If you need inspiration on the best private experiences, read the blog post linked below.

Exclusive Activities  


Beach Bound Buddies

If you think Aruba would be a sweet destination for a friends’ trip, you’re absolutely right! What better way to catch up with the crew than by jet-setting to paradise and chatting it up over fruity cocktails.

Check out Bochincha Container Yard

While traveling with friends is lots of fun, chances are, you’ll disagree on what to have for dinner at least a few times during your trip. Bochincha Container Yard is the perfect solution; a nice selection of eateries surrounding a bustling courtyard. Here you can all enjoy each other’s company conflict-free!

Enjoy a sailing/snorkeling tour
Sailing, snorkeling, and rope swinging on our blue seas, there’s nothing quite like it. Gather your party and book a boat trip! It’s a fantastic way to have fun with friends.

Besties by Bus

If you and your friends don’t have sea legs, that’s okay too! There are still a bunch of group-friendly activities that do not involve water at all. Explore the island by bus! There are plenty of fun day or night tours that will allow you to explore Aruba’s natural wonders or Aruba favorite bars and restaurants. I highly recommend it!

One Happy Island is your happy place to reconnect with your favorite people. What are you waiting for? Book that trip right now!

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