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Top tips for traveling as a family

Here are the keys to successfully achieving your goal of family travel.

Although there are still parents who wait for their children to reach a certain age before traveling as a family, the trend of taking them with you from a very young age is increasingly popular. This is to:

  • Encourage them to interact with natural environments and have new experiences.
  • Keep them away from technology, at least for a few days.
  • Educate them on appropriate behavior in places with different dynamics, such as airports, bus terminals, hotels, cruises, etc.
  • Help them stimulate their curiosity, adaptability, tolerance, and patience.

While we must acknowledge that traveling as a family can be challenging, we assure you that everything you will experience together will be worth it. Also, in the future, your children will thank you for what they learned on these adventures.

To make your task easier, we have prepared a series of tips that you should consider when traveling as a family to the island:

1. Choose direct routes

If you decide to travel by plane, make sure there are no layovers or that they are short.

In Aruba, we have the advantage of having direct flights from most cities in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. 

Try to adjust the flight schedules to the children's sleep hours, and during the trip, it is preferable that they sit by the window to admire the landscape.

Also, bring distractions like coloring books or books and magazines about the destination they will visit so that they can become familiar with the place.

2. Make a list of activities suitable for children

One of the attractions of traveling as a family to Aruba is that you will find all kinds of water and land activities, but, as expected and for safety reasons, some require being within a certain age range.

If you have very young children, we recommend the Butterfly Farm, the Donkey Sanctuary, Philip's Animal Garden, Baby Beach, and Palm Island.

Now, if your children are a bit older, we recommend introducing them to the world of diving and snorkeling, giving them a pirate experience with Jolly Pirates, or taking them to discover the underwater world with the Atlantis Submarine.

3. Less is More

Depending on the age, children will need more or fewer things. For example, if your child is not yet walking, do you think you should bring a stroller or a baby carrier? The answer will depend a lot on the type of activities you have planned.

When traveling as a family to Aruba and having an itinerary full of visits to different beaches, it's best to bring a baby carrier. A stroller will be a hassle with all the sand and rocks. 

Forget about changing tables, cribs, and bulky items. You will find alternative products on the market that are foldable and have more friendly features. For example, there is a diaper bag that also functions as a crib and a changing table simultaneously. This type of product will make your trip easier.

4. Entertainment

Your children are likely accustomed to their set of toys, stuffed animals, or some object that is important to them. When traveling as a family, try to bring one or two to entertain them at the airport, but once on the island, allow them to experience the sand, water, and grass. It will be very stimulating for them.

5. Let them play with other children

You have probably heard on other occasions that people from over 100 nationalities live in Aruba; this will also give your children the opportunity to interact with other cultures. They might end up babbling a word in another language or have learned a new way to relate. At playgrounds such as Gloria or even at the beach, encourage them to join other kids as they build sandcastles or play in the water. Of course, never leave your kids unsupervised anywhere!


We all know that one of the most enriching experiences in life is traveling, so why not start traveling as a family from a young age?

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