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Wonders of Nature: 4 Natural Bridges in Aruba

In 2005, Aruba’s largest and most popular natural bridge, known as, well, Natural Bridge, collapsed. It was a shock to locals and visitors alike.

People still visit the remains to this day, and it is still a stop on tours. What I and many others didn’t know is that Aruba is full of these natural formations. So, it wasn’t just this one bridge?! *Jaw drops* This has caused some understandable confusion and division between our past visitors and new visitors. How can pictures be posted on social media of a Natural Bridge in 2023 when it collapsed so many years ago? Well, one of these other bridges is actually right next to the original!

Check out some of Aruba’s natural bridges below.

1. Aruba Natural Baby Bridge

Located right next to the original, this natural bridge called “Baby Bridge” is a must-see! Of all the bridges, this one is the most accessible. You can even get there with your rental. Another advantage of visiting this bridge over the others is that there’s a tourist shop with food, beverage, restrooms, and souvenirs.

Aruba Bridges


2. Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge

Some say this is one of the most beautiful hidden gems on the island. It’s literally hidden and not easily accessible. It’s going to take a little bit of effort to climb down. It’s located on the Seroe Colorado hill and has a nice high viewpoint of the northeast and southeast shoreline.


3. Wariruri Natural bridge

The Wariruri Bridge is the most visited natural bridge since the collapse of Natural Bridge (R.I.P.). It’s located on the north shore and is a hot stop for jeep tours, mountain biking tours, and horseback riding tours.

Wariruri Natural Bridge


4. Indjueq Natural Triple Bridge (Black Stone Beach)

This stop is a 2-in-1! Indjueq, also known as the tripod bridge, is located at Black Stone Beach. So you get 2 sights in 1. But there’s more, the actual bridge is 3-in-1! It’s truly a unique sight with a backdrop of eroded basalt rock formations. It’s a nice hiking trail from the Natural Bridge. Enjoy Aruba’s rugged coastline and witness the unique desert backdrop and rough blue ocean views.

Aruba Bridges

♦ Fun fact: According to old folks' tales, Indjueq was one of the last remaining Caquetio Indians. He would take his boat out to go fishing at this location.

Will you be visiting one of these bridges? Share your pictures with us @arubatourism

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