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Xa On The Go: Let’s take this outside! But also inside… Aruba Airstream is Xa-approved camping.

When I started this series, I focused on the island's restaurants.

Little did I know that I would review one of Aruba’s most unique and iconic places to stay about a year later. At the moment, Aruba Airstream is the island’s only glamping spot. 


Glamping, by definition, is “the activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of a home.” Glamorous camping, if you will. Perfect for those who wish to have more outdoor experiences but still want a proper bed to sleep on. Oh, and in my case, air conditioning! 

When Aruba Airstream owner and superhost Katrin sold her private charter business, she wanted her next challenge to be totally unique and most importantly, to not cause any harm to nature. Plus, it had to be on land this time. A friend who was living in Miami was interested in buying an Airstream trailer and shared the catalog with Katrin. This was the perfect idea! Who says this trailer would need to be used the traditional way? What if it were used as a stationary little hotel suite? 

The idea of glamping wasn’t as mainstream as it is now, especially not in Aruba. But Katrin wanted to turn the land next to her home into a vacation sanctuary. She sketched her idea on a piece of paper, and a contractor shut her down. “It can’t be done!” Katrin wouldn’t take no for an answer. She said, “Let's work together to make it happen!” She had a vision… And I can tell you, if her passion and enthusiasm are so contagious today, I can’t even imagine how it was when they first started construction in 2018. 

Want to spend the night at a highly-rated vacation rental in Aruba?

When Katrin first got in touch, I thought! Yes! This is just what I need. A chance to connect with nature and disconnect from the “real world.” I was also asked if I wanted a private chef to serve breakfast in the morning. Who in their right mind would say no to that? Not me, that’s for sure!


The Aruba Airstream is a stationary, iconic aluminum travel trailer with a deck and facilities built around it. Unlike a regular RV (recreational vehicle), the Airstream must be towed. This one, however, has always been stationary and used only as a vacation rental in Aruba.


Katrin kept in touch to figure out the rest of the details in the following weeks. She was very attentive and determined to make my experience at Aruba Airstream unforgettable. This made me feel excited, welcome, and important. In those moments, I was the only guest who mattered. That was refreshing! I’m sure you’ve heard some horror stories of vacation rental hosts who seem to only care about turnaround and making money. Nope, not Katrin; she actually wants you to enjoy the glamping experience at Aruba Airstream. When reading the reviews, I was happy that other guests shared that sentiment also. The rating on Airbnb doesn’t lie! 

The mini getaway I needed

On check-in day, I left the office with a huge smile on my face. While my colleagues would be stuck behind their computers for the rest of the day, I’m off to a private location to completely disconnect. What makes Aruba Airstream so cool, and why I have lots of respect for Katrin, is that she doesn’t care to over-advertise and shove the rental down everyone’s throats. None of the “Look at us! We’re here! Come check us out!” craziness. She only shares the exact location with guests 48 hours before check-in. She wants her guests to feel safe and to have that feeling of privacy, regardless of the popularity of Aruba Airstream.

When I arrived, I texted Katrin to let her know. Other than that, no further contact was necessary. The pre-check-in process was so thorough that any question I could have possibly had was already answered. Guided videos and a handbook were sent to me the day before.

The birds were chirping on cue, and the sound of the little pool waterfall set the tone for what was to become one of my favorite experiences this year. Even though it was right around 3 p.m. when the sun is high and hot, the breeze really balanced out the heat. 

The first thing anyone would do upon arrival is to take in the view. Wow… Surrounded by cacti and boulders, the desert-like landscape contrasts with the blue ocean in the distance. Yup, OCEAN VIEW. But that’s not the only blue that caught my attention. It was the refreshing-looking pool with the desert backdrop. It was a view within a view within an amazing backdrop of views. Clear? Blue on green on brown on blue. Ahhhh…

While it was breezy, I still wanted to freshen up and get out of my office clothes. Stepping into the Airstream was perfect. The air conditioners were on, and I felt an immediate sense of relief. Mostly because I was low-key worried about how the sleeping conditions were gonna be. It IS camping, after all. But no, the two beds were beautifully made, and it all felt like a compact hotel room with a tropical twist. The radio was on, music was playing, and it smelled clean! Hygiene is so important to me, so that was a green flag. I unpacked, got changed, and I was off to explore the property. 

I stepped back outside onto the wooden deck and heard someone calling my name. It was the hammock… I said, please wait! I still have some work to do before we get acquainted. Patience! 

The sun glistened on the pool water, and I just took it all in again. On the side of the Airstream, there’s this cool little BBQ area equipped with a Weber grill. Right next to it is the outdoor restroom. I must say I was a bit skeptical about using the outdoor toilet, but it was surprisingly nicer than you’d think. What made it better was that even though it was outdoors, everything was still where it should be. Toilet paper, sink, hand towels, soap, mirror, and most importantly, it was clean!

Across from the Uhm… potty area… is the outdoor shower. I can see why this is the most talked about feature. Are you in Aruba? Are you in Bali? Who knows. But you’re showering in a tropical rainforest. The bamboo walls and surrounding landscape make it super private and oasis-like. Don’t worry about the breeze, though; there’s hot water! Again, just like the fully equipped toilet area, sealed boxes with towels are stored under the sink—no need to bring towels from inside the Airstream. Everything is so well thought out that you can just shut your brain off. 

A nice little touch is that all wash-up areas include Royal Aruba Aloe soap—the scent of my childhood. The showers also include shampoo and conditioner. 

Back to the pool area, you guessed it, pool towels are ready for use on the lounge chairs. Each area has its own set of supplies. You don’t have to think about anything. Everything you need is just there, logically placed. 

After getting a feel of the environment and property, it was time… Hammock, here I come, baby! As I was chilling, swinging in the hammock, wondering how I was gonna convince Katrin to let me live permanently on the property (would she adopt me?), a little sprinkler went off at the side of the deck by the trees. I kid you not; dozens of birds flocked to that nearby tree to frolic and play in the water. The bananaquits and hummingbirds really put on a show for me. 

However, it was still Friday afternoon, and the “work day” was not over yet. *sigh* But hey, life could be worse, you know? I sat at the picnic table under the pergola and did some proper remote working. Yeah, I can get used to this… 


Then I thought, you’re at a private location, Xa! Why are you not working by the pool?! So I got changed and finished the work day, the right way. And yes, I took a dip in the pool in between emails. Don’t judge me. 

Right before sunset, I showered and got comfortable. I used the indoor shower, which felt like showering in an airplane—a clean and luxurious one. 

The sunset was gorgeous, and I didn’t think the area could feel even calmer. The pool lights lit up as the sun went down, and the pergola string lights illuminated the deck. I was ready for a cozy night in. Aruba Airstream is there for you to disconnect. But it’s 2024, and we’re not living in the Middle Ages. The Wi-Fi is fast, and there are, of course, TVs in both rooms and living area—Netflix included. The rooms close off, so you have “sleeping” privacy if you stay with more people. 

The cabins and beds seem small but are surprisingly very comfy. I slept like a mother spending a much-needed night away from her 3-year-old, who still wakes up multiple times a night. The next morning I woke up ready to conquer the feast coming my way. It was time to experience the outdoor shower and let me tell you; it did not disappoint. Since it was still early in the day, the sun wasn’t out with a vengeance yet. It was so refreshing and felt like showering in a rainforest. I could’ve stayed in there for hours.

I heard a car drive up, and my stomach started to dance. Chef Ruben has arrived! In addition to other private services such as Swedish massage, grocery deliveries, and more, a private chef can be hired for meals during your stay. This is perfect for a special occasion. Did I mention Aruba Airstream is the perfect romantic getaway pad? 

Chef Ruben has cooked at Aruba Airstream many times before, so he was already familiar with the BBQ/prep area. He immediately started breakfast prep while I was getting dressed, and I didn’t have to explain anything or “babysit,” so to say. Before my stay, I pre-selected dishes from his menu, so everything was already planned—just an easy, well-arranged service. 

I am still shocked by how much food was on that picnic table. This was a menu for two people—just two. From avocado toast to Fruity Pebbles pancakes to French toast and omelets, it was amazing… The best part is that it was all done for us. Me & the bestie ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. Chef Ruben and his helper cleaned everything up while we tried to resist the post-breakfast nap. The fact that this could all be done at the grilling area outside was great. I was worried we were all gonna be cramped up inside the Airstream. Not only did Chef Ruben make some delicious grub for us, but he was also a cool dude. I’m seriously considering hiring him for dinner parties in the future. 

Overall, my experience at Aruba Airstream was wonderful—and I’m not just saying that. When talking to Katrin, she mentioned how often her guests return when they need an escape or relaxation. But she also said that many come back for peace of mind, looking for a feeling they only find there. Some stay to process the grief of losing a loved one or to process a divorce… It’s a place of quiet solitude to look inward or the most romantic place to connect with your partner. 

The feeling Katrin talks about is something I felt, too, during my short stay. It’s a deep sense of peace while being one with nature in a modern world. 

I think that all the love and passion Katrin has put into Aruba Airstream can be felt throughout. The feeling of safety, being nestled between two hills, and the warmth and comfort you feel as soon as you enter the driveway make Aruba Airstream a place of healing. My 1-night stay was way too short, but long enough for me to appreciate everything it is and what it can be for you. You will not regret spending some time at Aruba Airstream. The only regret you might have is that you didn’t stay longer.

Watch the Aruba Airstream vlog

For a list of all amenities, services, and more, please visit the Aruba Aistream page on Airbnb.

Stay at Aruba Airstream

📷 Photos: Edrick Krozendijk


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