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Arubus San Nicolas Main Station, Bernard van de Veen Zeppenfeldstraat, San Nicolas, Aruba


The event is filled with a creative plate of artists, performances, innovative talks, hands-on workshops, kid’s activities, live music, and more.

Muralists from all over the world will be participating this year. The entry fee for the entire weekend (3 days) is $20, or $15 per day and kids under 12 get in free.

September 4th: ART TALK: The theme for this year's engaging art talk is "Unchained." It will delve into the intriguing topic of branding and explore how different islands and countries have navigated the healing process after the abolition of slavery. The insightful discussions and presentations will provide valuable insights into the intersection of art and history.

September 5th: WORKSHOPS: A series of workshops will be conducted, offering a wonderful opportunity for local participants to learn new mural techniques. These interactive sessions will be led by experienced artists, allowing attendees to enhance their skills and creativity while fostering a sense of artistic community.

September 6th: ART FASHION: The "Unchained" Art Fashion segment promises to be the highlight of fashion this year. It will bring together talented designers from Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, the Netherlands, Africa, and Colombia.

Watch collections from:

SWAY – Collection name: "Timeless" (Curacao)

David Paulus – Collection name: "My Root" (The Netherlands)

Dauvia Nijenhuis – Collection name: "Ubuntu" (Angola, Africa)

Vanessa Paulina – Collection name: "Virginia's Rebels" (Aruba)

Fausta Luna – Collection name: "Colors of my Heart" (Aruba)

Solo by Ronchi – Collection name pending (Aruba)

Gigliola Arendsz – Collection name: "The Warmth of Paradise" (Aruba)

Maria Theresa Madraiaga – Collection name: "Libera" (Aruba)

Jolie Duzon – Collection name: "Prized Possessions" (Sint Maarten)

Celeste Richardson - Collection name: "Afro Swag" (Aruba)

Surprise guests - Collection: surprise (Colombia)

September 7th: VIP Reception: As a valued guest, you will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive VIP Reception. This private gathering will allow you to connect with fellow art enthusiasts, artists, and influential figures within the art community. It's an excellent chance to network, exchange ideas, and deepen your appreciation for the arts in a sophisticated ambiance.

September 8th, 9th, 10th: Aruba Art Fair: The grand finale of Art Week will be the Aruba Art Fair. Curated by the esteemed Renwick Herronimo, this extraordinary event will feature four indoor galleries displaying captivating artworks from various talented artists. In addition to the galleries, you'll also find delightful pop-up restaurants offering delectable culinary experiences. The event will culminate with a vibrant multicultural parade on September 10th, celebrating the rich diversity of art and culture.

Mural Festival: The Mural Festival will take place from August 26th to September 12th. It will showcase the incredible talent of renowned mural artists from around the world. The lineup includes:

Chemis (Czech Republic) - Instagram: 9.5K followers, Facebook: 12K followers

Adry del Rocio Garcia (Mexico) - Instagram: 32K followers, Facebook: 22K followers

Bublegum (Spain) - Instagram: 89.8K followers, Facebook: 41K followers

Elisa Lejuez Peters (Aruba) - Instagram: 2.4K followers, Facebook: 1.5K followers

Elvis Tromp (Aruba) - Instagram: 407 followers, Facebook: 6.4K followers

Faunagraphic (UK) - Instagram: 14.2K followers, Facebook: 14K followers

Fio Silva (Argentina) - Instagram: 47.5K followers, Facebook: 40K followers

JDL Street Art (Netherlands) - Instagram: 25.3K followers, Facebook: 17K followers

Mr Dheo (Portugal) - Instagram: 68.4K followers, Facebook: 184K followers

Omaira Silva (Aruba) - Instagram: 158 followers, Facebook: 244 followers

Paul Wong (Aruba) - Instagram: 1.5K followers

Ice One (Aruba)


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Aruba Art Fair

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Aruba Art Fair

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