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NEW – Hug a donkey to relieve your stress.

As a Dutch island, Donkey Sanctuary has put an Aruban twist on the Dutch practice of ‘koe knuffelen,’ or cow hugging, with their friendly and loving donkeys.

Donkeys have been a part of the island’s culture for 500 years and are extremely affectionate creatures with a gentle nature, making them perfect companions for those seeking a stress-relieving activity. Visit the sanctuary for a private 30+ minute hugging and petting session with their friendliest, loving donkeys.

Encounter about one hundred of Aruba's donkeys that have found a safe, new home at Bringamosa. The distinctive call of the donkey rings out in a welcome salute as visitors approach Aruba's Donkey Sanctuary. Warm muzzles close in to inspect new arrivals and to offer an additional greeting.
The Bringamosa-based sanctuary welcomes guests, offering information and tours of the grounds. Guests can enjoy a cozy visitor center, a cold drink on the covered porch or buy original donkey-themed gifts and souvenirs in the gift shop.

A visit to the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is worth your while. Once the major mode of transportation for island residents, donkeys were left adrift in modern times, with cars now trundling down the same cactus lined pathways where they once traveled, carrying passengers and pulling carts. The idea for a sanctuary, where these beloved animals can live out their lives in a protected environment, became a reality in 1997. After almost 20 years at Santa Lucia, the Donkey Sanctuary moved to a new, and larger location in Bringamosa to house its 130 donkeys.

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