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Step back in time and discover the islands mystical giants. Pathways are in place to better explore these ancient sites.

For such a relatively flat island, the presence of the unusual hills and huge monolithic boulders in Aruba are truly an enigma. Two rock formations can be climbed and explored: Ayo and Casibari.

These remarkable geological formations add aesthetics to the landscape as well as provide excellent vantage points from which to better view the island. There is also free Wi-Fi available at the Casibari Rock Formations, along with a BBQ Bar & Grill offering snacks, cold drinks and shaded seating.

Casibari's huge tonalite boulders sit together in residential area just off the main road to Santa Cruz. Walking trails and steps through the boulders allow hikers to reach the top to obtain breathtaking 360 views.

Ayo Rock Formations' towering stone boulders create a sense of awe and an understanding of why the area was once considered a sacred site by the island's original inhabitants. Rock drawings, dating back thousands of years, are found at this site as well.

Vacationer Experiences

Visitor at the Ayo Rock Formations.
Visitor at the Casibari Rock Formations.
Visitors at the Casibari Rock Formations.
Boulder at Ayo Rock Formations.
Visitors on top of big boulder at the Casibari Rock Formations.

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