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Sarah-Quita’s Local Story

A Local’s Guide to Adventure

Aruba is an adventure lover’s paradise. By land, sea or air, there are so many ways to blaze your own path. Let Aruba local, and 14-time World Champion windsurfer, Sarah-Quita, show you some of her favorite spots to get adventurous in Aruba.

Favorite Spots

Sarah-Quita’s perfect day

Aruba is a tiny paradise, so you can do so much in one adventurous day. I hop in a jeep and start at the northern tip at the California Lighthouse, with incredible views of the island. Then I drive the coast with amazing coves until I reach Bushiribana with a secret natural pool to take a dip!  Next stop, Mangel Halto, a real local gem where you can snorkel and paddleboard. My next favorite spot is beautiful Boca Grandi, where you can take a kitesurfing or windsurfing lesson.

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