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Jun 14, 2017

Aruba Wine and Dine (AWD) replaces plastic straws with bio-degradable ones

Aruba Wine and Dine (AWD) replaces plastic straws with bio-degradable ones

Festive cocktails will look the same at the restaurants of Aruba Wine and Dine (AWD) in the future, but there will be a big difference: from now on the new straws that are used are bio-degradable and therefore not harmful for the environment. In this way the restaurants will take a step towards a `greener' world; we hope that other restaurants, bars and private persons will follow this example.

The idea behind the bio-degradable straws is simple: start with small steps and many small steps together make giant ones in the fight against pollution. The plastic straws, which often blew away into the ocean or were thrown away carelessly, were very harmful for turtles and other sea life, often causing death. They are now a thing of the past at the AWD restaurants, such as MooMba Beach, Hadicurari, Salt & Pepper, Fishes & More, Dragonfly, Tango Argentine Grill, the Sopranos Piano Bar and Café the Plaza. This a great initiative which will hopefully be followed with enthusiasm by many others.

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