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Sep 21, 2016

Esha, a 14 year old from Aruba, makes music her therapy

Esha, a 14 year old from Aruba, makes music her therapy

Esha Alwani, a 14 year old from Aruba, who writes beautiful lyrics and com– Esha Alwani, a 14 year old from Aruba, who writes beautiful lyrics and composes her own songs, made a generous donation to Fundacion Autismo Aruba just recently.

In April, Esha performed at the Best of Aruba Awards, where her CDs were on sale, and she decided to donate the proceeds from the event to Fundacion Autismo Aruba, giving back to the beautiful island that raised her. Her debut EP ‘Beautiful’ is now available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, CD Baby, and can be streamed on Spotify as well.

Though born and raised in Aruba, Esha has family in India and her visits there combined with her island heritage infused her music with a culturally diverse flavor and empowered her lyrics with a global concern that connects to a broad audience.

Esha began writing songs when she was only six. “Because of my Tourette’s,” she explains,” I was having challenges making friends. I thought that the best way for people to understand my issues was through my music.”

In her personal life, Esha struggles with Tourette’s syndrome and the uncontrolled movements associated with the disorder. These days, she’s learned to manage her challenge and isn’t letting anything slow her down as she pursues a career in music. “I’ve found a way to cope through songwriting,” she says. “When you find something that you really love and put effort and time into it, it can have a positive impact on all areas of your life. You can get so lost in what you love doing that it’s easy to forget about your problems. My advice to others dealing with challenges is to find what you love and let it save you. My songs helped me overcome my worst struggles. I’d heard stories of people who had disorders like Tourette syndrome, and could not be cured. I’ve had business people, college graduates, and even some doctors ask me ‘What is Tourette Syndrome?’ This is what pushed me to tell my parents that I wanted to create a CD in order to spread awareness to that disorder other similar ones.” 

Esha created a Facebook page with the message ‘Music is My Therapy’, where she now shares her story and her music. 

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