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At Playa Linda Beach Resort in Aruba Ingrid Todd celebrates 35 years of service.

Jun 18, 2018

Ingrid Todd Completes her 35th Year With Playa Linda

Celebrating Ingrid Todd's 35th anniversary at Playa Linda.

Ingrid Todd possesses a warm smile and lively personality, but it is her talent for organization, leadership skills and her managerial abilities that has truly kept her at the top of her game for an impressive 35-year career at the Playa Linda Beach Resort. As executive housekeeper she leads the resort’s largest and most diverse department with seeming ease. Her successful career is reflected not only in the high marks her department continues to garner, but also in the amount of respect and affection demonstrated by her colleagues, whom she refers to as family.

“I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish in my career. It is my goal that the resort always reaches the highest standards in housekeeping,” she explains as her ongoing motivation. “It is a pleasure to see our guests satisfied with the work we accomplish, and in guiding and encouraging my staff and personnel to offer their best each day.”

At Playa Linda Beach Resort in Aruba Ingrid Todd celebrates 35 years of service.

Ingrid found her career path early, starting as a housekeeper for a short time at the Divi before beginning her long history with the Playa Linda. Her diligence on the job brought her recognition and later promotions to supervisor, and finally to her current position as executive housekeeper. “I have seen the resort through seven GMs,” she comments of the different changes she has witnessed. “But the feeling of family at the Playa Linda remains the same.”

When Ingrid was first hired in June 1983, the Playa Linda was only in its first phase of construction, and the concept of timeshare was new to Aruba. However, the intimate charm of the resort, and the continuing emphasis on creating a home environment as much for members and guests as well as for employees, proved successful.

“The Playa Linda had confidence in my abilities, right from the start, “ she remarks. “Through the years, we have provided a high level of service, dedication and love to guests. As a result, our guests come back year after year, bringing with them their families, and different generations, and it is what makes Playa Linda special.”

At Playa Linda Beach Resort in Aruba Ingrid Todd celebrates 35 years of service.

Playa Linda General Manager Peter van Grinsven describes Ingrid as a role model, and an essential member of the Playa Linda team. “She embodies dedication, and is part of the reason the Playa Linda is so popular. She has been invaluable in maintaining the resort’s ISO-14001 certification, and helping us exceed our guests’ expectations.”  

Ingrid looks back on her 35 years with fondness, as well as looks to future accomplishments. “I am happy and grateful, beyond words. It has been a long road and time has passed quickly, but it has been a wonderful journey. It has brought many wonderful people into my life, from different backgrounds, and through all the various changes, it has brought me to where I am today. But there is still more to do

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