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May 17, 2017

Playa Linda Team Building Training Helps Enhance the Aruba Welcome

Playa Linda Team Building Training Helps Enhance the Aruba Welcome

The already strong sense of Aruban hospitality at the Playa Linda Beach Resort was further strengthened during a recent Teambuilding Day. 

Team members at the Front Office, Reservations & Membership Accounting, who are not only responsible for first impressions, but also a seamless back office process within their own departments, received further training with the collaboration of D&I Business Support Solutions.


As the important first face of guest encounters, these essential front-of-the-house employees have been undergoing refresher courses and special support in how to properly take care of the administrative tasks involved, arrive at positive interactions and innovative solutions while maintaining an ever-present smile. These intensive trainings have taken place over the last couple of years, and culminated in a recent Teambuilding Day.

“I’m thrilled that we can provide our employees with different types of high-quality training and courses,” comments Human Resource Director Sulaika Kelly. “We believe in the potential of our employees and try to encourage and support them by giving them the proper tools to help them execute their job successfully.”

One of the teambuilding exercises involved the use of a fully interactive ‘GoTeam’ app, where they had to cruise the downtown and harbor area to complete assigned tasks. Later that day the team enjoyed an exquisite three-course lunch at the Sea Salt Grill Aruba. The afternoon consisted of more teambuilding-themed activities held at the Renaissance Ocean Suites Aruba.


“When we organize extensive training sessions for our employees, we always try to treat them to a day filled with fun elements and, at the same time, let them be the guest at another Resort and experience how it feels to receive exceptional service. We always choose a venue that supports that intention,” Ms. Kelly explains. “Each year, we make the investment in learning and personal development programs, and our aim is to continue to do so. We work with local as well as internationally based trainers, and customize the approach to different employees and departments, for the best possible results.”

For Playa Linda’s recent Teambuilding Day, D&I Business Support Services N.V., based in Curacao, lent excellent assistance for the end goal of strengthening existing hospitality skills and emphasizing the value of collaborative efforts. D&I is a company led by young professionals and assists in building value-based and creative cultures aimed at collaboration, as well as to design the systems needed to support whole systems change.

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