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May 17, 2017

Amsterdam Manor participated at the AHATA Reimagine Challenge ‘Recycled Art Competition’

Amsterdam Manor participated at the AHATA Reimagine Challenge ‘Recycled Art Competition’

During the month of May, AHATA organized their 15th Recycled Art competition. This competition aims to promote and raise awareness regarding recyclables. The Recycled Art competition drew a big crowd and showed everyone how common household items can be re-used in various ways to create art.

Understanding the importance of recycling, the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort and MVC Eagle Beach both held their own internal recycling challenge where the winners were able to represent the hotels at the Art Competition with their winning pieces of art. 


The submitted pieces of recycled art had to comply to strict guidelines such as only being able to use certain materials: foam, cans, plastic, paper, glass and cardboard. Additionally, paint or glue were allowed in order to give each item its own pizzazz. The use of new or recently bought materials such as sand, pebbles, plants, driftwood or any other natural materials were allowed as well. The judges who arbitrated the Recycled Art competition took into consideration the different ways materials were used along with the creativity of each artist.


The exhibition was open to the public at UNOCA, (stadionweg #21) from Monday the 8th of May, to Friday the 12th of May and admission was free. Amsterdam Manor participated with different groups of employees who worked together to make the pieces that were on display during the exhibit. Here are some of the participants.

  • roof lamp – Marlenny Quinche
  • mini grill – Vale Croes and Marcelino Jacobs
  • The pink one is for food waste/ compost – Marcelino Jacobs, Franchesca Heinze and Armin Croes
  • 1 tables and chair – Marcelino Jacobs
  • 1 Table – Giovanni Lasso
  • Cake stand – Marcelino Jacobs
  • Burger beef mold – Marcelino Jacobs
  • Garbage bin made of plastic bottles – Marcelino Jacobs
  • Menu on bottle of Patron – Peter van Slooten
  • Cut bottles for straw and such purposes – Peter van Sloot


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