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Casino Hotels & Resorts in Aruba

If gaming is your thing, Aruba is the island for you. There so are many resorts that house casinos right on property.

One of the fun elements the islands hotels and resorts are known for. Your stay at an Aruba casino resort is guaranteed to be a fun time! Who knows, you might bring home the big bucks from your Aruba vacation this time around.

You will find Aruba casino hotels and resorts in the Oranjestad, Eagle Beach and Palm Beach areas, allowing you to choose from a variety of resort types. While the casino and hotels and resorts are not necessarily adults only, they are the perfect setting for a trip for couples. Please note that in Aruba the legal age for playing any game in the casino is 18 years old.

Casino Hotels & Resorts in Aruba

Add some fun to your holiday in Aruba by staying at a casino resort. Try your luck at the slot machines, roulette wheel or blackjack table - and who knows, you might even bring some serious money home. What’s not to like about staying in paradise and then leaving with a huge amount of money in your bank account?


The Aruba casino resorts and hotels can be found in the Oranjestad, Eagle Beach, and Palm Beach areas. Try the Renaissance Aruba Resort if you want to combine luxury, casino, and spa days. It’s located in Oranjestad and they offer the option to take their water taxi to a private island where wild flamingos roam and relaxing treatments are given.


Eagle Beach is home to La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, but also many other hotels, like golf resort Divi Village. Most Aruba casino resorts can be found at Palm Beach, including some adults-only hotels and luxurious resorts. Looking for a holiday with lots of relaxation and fun? Then an all-inclusive resort with a casino is definitely the place to stay for you.


If you want to try more than one casino, you’re in for some luck. Aruba is called ‘Las Vegas of the Caribbean’, thanks to its large number of casinos. A total of twelve can be found on the island - and they all offer a sparkling nightlife for both beginners and experienced gamblers.


Make the most of your Caribbean vacation and join the fun, glitz, and glamour of Aruba’s nightlife and the best casinos in the Caribbean!

We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will fill you with sunshine and send you home with a happy afterglow that never fades.

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