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Covid-19 Testing Facilities in Aruba

Important information on COVID-19 testing options in Aruba

Effective January 26th, 2021, as announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The U.S. government will require all international airline passengers to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test before boarding flights to the United States. In addition, the results of the test must be within 3 days preceding flight departure. If a passenger does not provide documentation of a negative test or recovery, or chooses not to take a test, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger. For complete details on the CDC guidelines for accepted tests, timing, etc. click here.

In the Aruban Government’s continuing efforts to provide the most safe, seamless and coordinated travel experience possible, all necessary facilities and procedures are in place for any visitor needing to take a Covid-19 test while in Aruba as a requirement for re-entry to their country/state/city of origin.

Why would I need a Covid-19 test before departure from Aruba?

As part of their pandemic travel protocols, some countries/states/cities now require travelers show a negative COVID-19 test result to be granted re-entry to their country of origin. These are often referred to as “fit-to-fly” tests.

What certified facilities in Aruba offer Covid-19 tests for visitors?

Aruba has a modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical facilities. The laboratories in Aruba are well-equipped to administer Covid-19 tests to outbound travelers who require them.

Laboratory Horacio Oduber Hospital

Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital Boulevard #1
Oranjestad, Aruba.
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(+297) 597-4522


Hours of operation:
8:00am-6:00pm - 7 days a week

PCR Test cost:
$75 US

Appointment specifics:

  • Testing is also available at the visitor’s accommodation by appointment for an additional fee.
  • Test must be done 48 hours prior to departing the island.
  • Tests can be booked 5 days in advance.

For more information:

MedCare Clinic

J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 330, Noord (next to the Courtyard Marriott)
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(+297) 280-0630


Hours of operation:
9:30am–12:30pm – 7 days a week

PCR Test cost:

Antigen Test cost:

Appointment specifics:

  • Appointments not necessary for testing at clinic– walk-in service and drive thru at clinic available.
  • High service testing location at several of the major brand hotels: check opening times with your hotel.
  • In-room testing is also available by appointment for an additional fee. The appointment has to be made at least one week before testing day.
  • For special group arrangements or appointments: send an email or call. The appointment has to be made at least one week before testing day.

For more information:

MedCare Clinic works in collaboration with Laboratorio di Servicio and Laboratorio Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital 


Medlab – Urgent Care Aruba

Location: Noord Medical Center, Noord 63
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(+297) 586-1600

(+297) 597-5544


Hours of operation:
7 days a week 
Monday - Friday 7:00am–4:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am–4:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am–4:00pm

PCR Test cost:

Appointment specifics:

  • Walk-in service accepted at our physical location - No appointment necessary.
  • Testing can also be administered at the visitor’s accommodation (hotel/home). For this service, appointments are recommended and no additional fee, beyond the cost for the test, will be applied if the appointment is booked online in advance. If the appointment is made on the same day, however, an extra fee, in addition to the test cost, will be applied.

For more information:

Return Travel Testing FAQ

Are the testing facilities convenient to Aruba’s main hotel areas?
Yes. The Horacio Oduber Hospital is located in Eagle Beach, Medcare clinic is located on the South end of Palm Beach and MedLab is located on the North end of Palm Beach.

Can I get my Covid-19 test done at my place of stay in Aruba?
Yes. Two of Aruba’s facilities, MedLab & Medcare, offer testing at the visitor’s accommodation. Check with the facility for details on appointments, any additional fees, etc.
Are costs for the Covid-19 test covered by the required purchase of Aruba Visitors Insurance?
No. Covid-19 tests performed in Aruba for visitors return flight requirements are not covered by the Aruba Visitor Insurance. Please note: If your test shows a positive result, the Aruba Visitor Insurance will be activated and will cover costs related to medical coverage, isolation expenses, transportation, etc. For complete details on what is covered by the Aruba Visitors Insurance visit
Would my personal insurance cover the test?

It may or may not. Please check with your insurance provider to see if your insurance company covers the costs of a “fit-to-fly” type test.
Are children required to show a negative COVID-19 test for return travel?

This depends on the requirements of your home country/state/city. For US travelers, the CDC has stated the order applies to all air passengers, 2 years of age or older, traveling into the US, including US citizens and legal permanent residents. For more details on the CDC travel requirements
How long will it take to get my test results?
This may vary a bit between facilities in Aruba, but, generally, you will receive your test results within 24 hours. Please check with your selected testing facility in Aruba for exact timings.
How will I receive my test results?
This may vary between facilities in Aruba, but, generally, you will receive confirmation in electronic form via email. Please check with your selected testing facility in Aruba for their exact procedures.
When do I have to take the test in Aruba?
This all depends on the requirements of your country/state/city. Most protocols require a negative test result within 3 days-24 hours preceding flight departure. Visitors are strongly encouraged to learn their country/state/city testing requirements and coordinate their test in Aruba accordingly, as there will be specified test timing requirements in order for the test to be valid. For complete details on the CDC guidelines for US travelers, visit
When should I make an appointment or plans for my test?
Once your travel plans to Aruba are solidified, we recommend visitors identify and make contact with their testing facility of choice in Aruba. The earlier visitors can plan their testing or make an appointment, the better.
Will my accommodation help me secure the appointment?
Please consult your accommodation to confirm their policy on assistance in making testing appointments or any other testing services they provide their guests.
Should I use the Aruba Health App?
Yes. Prior to travel, all visitors should download the Aruba Health App via Created by Aruba’s Department of Public Health, the Aruba Health App will help provide a more seamless, contactless experience including important health information while on-island, a listing of all the businesses certified with Aruba’s Health & Happiness Code, faster test results and more.

What if I show a positive COVID-19 test result?
In the event of a positive COVID-19 test result, all visitors are required to follow the isolation protocols as put in place by the Government of Aruba and agreed to by the visitor as part of the online Embarkation/Disembarkation card process. For more details, visit
If I recently recovered from COVID-19, and entered Aruba with proof of past positivity, will I also be required to show a negative Covid-19 test for return travel from Aruba?
This depends on the requirements of your home country/state/city. For US travelers, the CDC states the following: “If you have had a positive viral test in the past 3 months, and you have met the criteria to end isolation, you may travel instead with documentation of your positive viral test results and a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official that states you have been cleared for travel. The positive test result and letter together are referred to as "documentation of recovery". 
For more details on the CDC travel requirements visit

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at