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Private Islands

Close to Aruba there are two private islands, Renaissance Island and De Palm Island.

Escape the hotel scene and find relaxation and adventure by visiting Aruba's private islands.

Easily accessible by boat, Aruba's private islands can be enjoyed by purchasing day passes.

Volunteering in Aruba

The Aruban Reef Care Project is an annual beach and reef cleanup event.…

Private Islands

More Extraordinary Water Activities

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Aruba

Marvel at a diminutive damselfish as it guards its home among waving sea fans, or encounter a school of blue parrotfish.

Deep Sea Fishing Activities in Aruba

Land yourself a beautiful catch and hop aboard one of many deep sea fishing charters in Aruba that hunt for game fish.

Water Sports Aruba

Water Sport Holidays to Aruba

Motorized Water Sports

Amp up your Caribbean holiday with exhilarating motorised water sports on the gorgeous coastline of Aruba.

Kayak and Canoe

Kayak through Aruba's calm waters and mangrove lagoons along Aruba's southern fringe.

Sailing in Aruba

Set sail for a glorious cruise along Aruba’s scenic coastline.

Underwater Tours on Aruba

Enjoy a unique holiday experience by joining an underwater tour in Aruba by semi-submarine, full submarine, or a sea trek.

Parasailing in Aruba

Join the fun of parasailing on Palm Beach and experience the exhilaration at the moment the parachute fills with air.

Kite and Windsurfing

Aruba's constant trade winds, extensive shallows and challenging wave conditions make Aruba a surfer’s paradise.

Surfing and Paddleboarding in Aruba

Glide across our tranquil waters on a paddleboard or catch a wave at one of our surf breaks.

Renaissance Island

Renaissance Island is reserved for guests of the Renaissance Hotel and the Renaissance Suites. Since these hotels are located in the harbour area of Oranjestad, the Renaissance has purchased this private island to offer their guests a sandy protected beach just offshore.

Renaissance Island scheduled ferries transport their guests from the Renaissance hotel properties directly to a small, secluded island that features a restaurant, spa, water sports, hammocks, private cabanas and every other amenity that a sun worshipper will need to spend an afternoon in paradise.

Day passes are $99. For more information visit

De Palm Island
At the mouth of Spanish Lagoon in the Caribbean Sea lies a stretch of coast, the private island of De Palm Island. Due to the beautiful coral reefs with colourful tropical fish, especially the large purple-blue parrot fish, the island is one of the most popular diving and snorkelling spots in Aruba.

De Palm Island is home to the colourful, twisting slides that make up the Blue Parrotfish Water Park as well as the base for excellent snorkelling, snuba and seatrek adventures. This private island is just a five-minute ferry ride from the mainland. Hammocks, food and beverage facilities and a playground are all available.

De Palm Island is an all-inclusive attraction, for more information visit