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10 Reasons Why Aruba Should Be Your Next Vacation

Aruba sits right about 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. This warm weather allows visitors to spend the entire day outside, on the beach,in the sea

1. The Weather

Aruba sits right about 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. This warm weather allows visitors to spend the entire day outside, on the beach, in the sea, or shopping local boutiques, and then move on to nighttime activities with only the addition of a light sweater. The constant trade winds blowing off the Caribbean Sea keep the island from feeling oppressively hot or too stuffy. And saving best for last? Aruba is situated on the fringes of the hurricane belt in the southern Caribbean (practically outside of it), guaranteeing you the perfect Caribbean vacation! Check out the video on Aruba's weather below. 


2. The Beaches

The sands of the Aruban coasts are sugary white and feel like powder underneath the feet. The public beaches go around the entire island, so there is no shortage of spots to lay down a towel or to set up a beach chair.  Pristine white exquisitely maintained and so clean make that they almost look untouched.  Aruban waters are relatively shallow, so the sun can penetrate right down to the white sands at the bottom, which reflect the light back up--making the blue sky above reflect brilliantly. From the shore, you can see the beautiful ‘ombre’ effect of bright blue blending slowly to midnight darkness as the water deepens.

Baby Beach is a shallow, sheltered man-made lagoon located near Mangel Cora in Seroe Colorado, on the southeast end of the island of Aruba. It is frequented by locals and tourists. It is named Baby Beach as the water is so calm it is safe for very small children.

3. The People 

The islanders who live on Aruba are known for their bright smiles and warm welcomes with which they meet visitors to the island.  Most of the islanders speak at least four languages, including English and Spanish, so they are able to converse with people from many different countries and cultures.

Aruba's 64th Carnival Celebration


4. The Underwater Experience 

Aruba snorkeling is some of the best in the Caribbean—a coast peppered with unique and beautiful coral reefs that can be explored quite easily by snorkelers.  Many of these reefs are less than twenty feet under the water, making them and the marine life that they attract highly visible.  The most beautiful reefs and best snorkeling are at the southern tip of Aruba. 

Explore history close up and scuba dive some of the shipwrecks and plane wrecks that can be found in the shores just off of Aruba.  The Antilla shipwreck site is the largest wreck site in the Caribbean. The massive cargo ship has attracted and is now home to, all sorts of fish and other sea creatures.


5. The Exploration

The island has many fun and exciting opportunities to do and explore new things. The Arikok National Park, the largest nature preserve in the Caribbean, and the rest of Aruba’s countryside can be toured by ATV, bike, car, horse, or by foot, with each method providing its own unique experience. Walk the town streets and discover colorful local boutiques. Or go to the casinos and find nightly entertainment. There is always more to experience on the island!

Aerial shot of landscape in Arikok National Park.


6. The Celebrations

Aruba holds a number of local festivals, including carnivals, and parades that are always filled with bright colors and upbeat music! Besides Carnival, the biggest party of the year, many visitors choose to schedule their vacations around celebrations such as the Soul Beach Music Festival, the Aruba Summer Music Festival, The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival, or the hip Electric Festival. The Dera Gai Celebration  is a folkloric event where the people dress up in red, yellow, and orange costumes to represent flames and sing and dance to give thanks for a good harvest. Visit Aruba during the Holidays, when every house is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. And if you are lucky enough to be here during New Year's Eve, you’re in for a fireworks show like you have never experienced before! 


7. The Romance

Aruba is a popular place for weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries.  The whole island is perfectly set up for romance – the candlelit dinners, the moonlit walks on the beach, the beauty of the island, and the perfect serenity of the lifestyle. In fact, any couple who honeymoon in Aruba continue to return for their anniversaries year after year. Find out more on our weddings & honeymoons page

Wedding setup.


8. The Ease of Traveling 

Our happy island is easy to reach, with direct flights to Aruba on many major airlines from cities in North America. In just four hours from New York City, and two and a half from Miami, you can be at the Aruba Airport, breathing in the tropical air as you breeze through immigration and customs, as Aruba is the only island with pre-clearance for the USA bound travelers. Also, there is no need to exchange your currency—the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted here.


9. The Food

More than 90 nationalities influence Aruba’s cuisine, with local dishes like gouda-glazed keshi yena joining South American, European and Caribbean favorites on menus around the island. Whether you want to experience fancy toes-in-the-sand dining or enjoy a laid-back local lunch- Aruba, with over 300 eateries, offers it all! 

Food presentation at Salt and Pepper Restaurant.


10. The Family Memories

Pictures of Aruba can never do justice to the incredible majesty of the island, and no story shared with family or friends can convey the surreal experience of swimming in perfectly clear water and watching your kids get excited when a school of the world’s most brightly colored fish swims by.  Aruba must be experienced firsthand; and once it is, the family memories will last a lifetime. Check out our Family Fun Vacations!


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