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Itinerary for the Perfect Honeymoon in Aruba

Most newlyweds want their honeymoon to provide a chance to relax, spend time with their new husband or wife, and have new experiences together.

Azure blue seas, bright white sands, and a consistently warm and sunny climate make Aruba one of the most picturesque and romantic honeymoon destinations imaginable.  After all of the activities that surround a wedding, most newlyweds want their honeymoon to provide a chance to relax, spend time with their new husband or wife, and have new experiences together.  The laid-back culture of Aruban vacationing leaves plenty of time for relaxing by the beach, but the island also provides many opportunities for adventure.  Be sure to include the following activities when planning your romantic Aruban honeymoon: 


No trip to Aruba would be complete without exploring the crystal clear waters and discovering the brightly colored and brilliantly patterned marine life that abounds.  If possible, what lies under the surface of the water is even lovelier than the vision above.  Many of these reefs are less than twenty feet under the water, making them and the marine life that they attract highly accessible to snorkelers. After seeing the reefs, enjoy Aruba’s renowned “wreck snorkeling”.  Off the shores of Aruba, there are multiple shipwrecks and plane crash sites, some of which sit in relatively shallow water.  Over the years these sites have become an integrated part of life on the ocean floor, and fish, octopi, and other sea creatures now live in the old vessels. Check out where we recommend you to go snorkel!

Touring the Island

The Aruban countryside is breathtaking, with many secluded locations that are perfect for romantic honeymoon pictures.  There are a number of ways to tour the island, including by all-terrain vehicle, horseback, and bike.  Many newlyweds, however, choose a Jeep tour so that they can explore all the beauty that Aruba has to offer while still being able to easily sit next to and talk to one another.  Couples who want to find the most isolated reaches of the island will eventually have to leave their transportation behind and hike the rest of the way. Find out more about our tours and activities for during your honeymoon!

Dining by the Shore

All across the island, you can find some of the best fine dining in Aruba.  Couples will find foods from across the world and establishments ranging in style from fine dining to family-friendly to fast food.  A special experience in Aruba is a romantic dinner dining on the beach. Diners are treated to an elegant fine dining experience while dipping their toes in the powdery sands of the beach. These restaurants definitely go the extra mile to make the entire experience memorable.  

Private Romantic Dinner Setting at Bucuti & Tara Beach  in Aruba

Sunset Cruise

Take a cruise in the early evening and stay to watch the water around you fill with color as it reflects the brilliant amber, orange, and pink of the setting sun.  As the night grows darker, stars start to appear until the entire sky is filled with hundreds of millions of tiny bright lights.  It is a great time to relax, enjoy a cocktail, and, depending on the cruise, possibly listen to the crewmembers sing and play instruments for the guests.  The night will be fun, romantic, and an unforgettable honeymoon experience. For more information on where to book your Sunset Sail!

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