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Couple on the Monforte Luxury Cruise in Aruba

10 Unique Proposal Ideas from Aruba

Aruba is one of the best destinations on the planet for creative, unique and romantic marriage proposals.

As the most romantic Caribbean islandfeaturing white sand beaches, perfect weather year-round, a cooling sea breeze and the best sunsets, Aruba is one of the best destinations on the planet for creative, unique and romantic marriage proposals.

But asking your partner to marry you is one of the most important questions you will ever utter, so you’d better make sure to plan and execute this event flawlessly, and preferably, make sure to catch it on camera as well. And while hiring a professional proposal planner is a very good idea to make sure every little detail is planned and carried out perfectly, we’ve got some romantic proposal ideas of our own to help get your creative juices flowing.

Being the most romantic destination in the Caribbean, and one of the most romantic in the world, we’ve had the pleasure of watching many of our guests plan their proposals on video (one even had a 365-day proposal) and as such, we are happy to offer you some unique, creative and romantic ways to propose to your significant other, each of which is absolutely iconic to Aruba!

Want to create the perfect proposal?  Our list of 10 romantic marriage proposal ideas is the best place to start.

10 Creative, Unique Proposal Ideas from Aruba:

 1.Toes-in-the-Sand Sunset Dinner

Imagine sitting with your toes in the sand on one of our beautiful beaches; both dressed to perfection in your island chic outfits, watching the beautiful Aruban sunset. Now, here are some options: Do you order a bottle of the restaurant’s finest champagne and ask the waiter to place the ring in the glass? Do you have the ring placed on top of the dessert, kind of like a cherry on top? Or, (and this will take a bit more planning), do you take a leisurely stroll along the beach whilst waiting for dinner to be served, during which, you spot a beautiful seashell.

You, of course, have carefully orchestrated both the placement of the ring in the seashell as well as the placement of the seashell on the beach (always keeping it within eye-sight). When you bend down to pick up the seashell, you actually kneel and pop the magic question!

Where can you get help coordinating a proposal like this? See our picks below!

Our Picks for Toes in the Sand dinners:

  1. The Old Man and the Sea (reservations only, very private)
  2. Passions on the Beach (Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort)
  3. Atardi (Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino)
  4. Palms Beach Side Grill  (Hyatt Aruba Resort & Casino)
  5. La Playa at Torchlight (Hilton Aruba Resort & Casino)
  6. Barefoot (Surfside Beach)
  7. Elements (Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort)

2. A Private Boat Trip

Not only is a private boat trip super romantic, but you actually get to see the majestic beauty of Aruba’s coastline while sipping a nice cocktail and working on your tan. And you won’t be too hot, thanks to our cooling trade winds caressing your skin.

But why is a private boat trip one of the best ways to propose? Because just being the two of you on a boat together is already very romantic (with of course the boat staff) but the natural beauty surrounding you and your partner just makes it extra special.

The Montfort Aruba, photo credit: Pelican Adventures 

Make sure that a private chef cooks you up a delicious seafood meal, and have the waiter (same as in a restaurant) bring the ring in a glass of champagne or on top of a dessert.

Or, and this is a bit gutsier, let the boat captain ask if you would like to try fishing. Of course, the fishing rods will already be hanging in the water with the ring box attached to it. You say: “Hey I think you caught something” and then your partner fishes the ring out of the water, perhaps hidden in a bottle, or a shoe…. As I said, for the gutsier types. :) 

Most of the private boats in Aruba can provide you and your sweetie with a private dinner for two, or if you are on board with a bigger group, the larger boats are often more than willing to host a celebration for you and your newly engaged.

If you want to explore the underwater wonders of Aruba, perhaps to check out our famous shipwrecks; the snorkeling gear is most likely provided as well. Then you can also hide the ring underwater but more on that later. Aruba has plenty of boat charters ranging from smaller vessels to larger catamarans:

Private Charter Boats (smaller vessels)

  1. The Tranquilo
  2. Strea Charters
  3. Morning Star Aruba
  4. Octopus Charter

Private Charter Boats (Larger Vessels)

  1. Palm Pleasure Catamaran
  2. Red Sail Catamaran
  3. The Montfort Luxury Cruise 

3. Horseback Riding

There is no better way to connect with each other than by also connecting with nature. Saddle up your horse and experience Aruba’s beautiful contrasting landscapes from horseback, and you’ll be well on your way toward creating the right conditions for the perfect marriage proposal.

On the south/west side of the island, Aruba features pristine turquoise waters and white sandy beaches which paint the quintessential Caribbean picture and would serve as an amazing backdrop for proposal photos.

On the north side, rough waters suitable for only the most extreme watersports collide against the desert-like terrain of the north shore, creating a chaotic, yet intensely romantic allure that could be just right for the certain couple.  And the park that connects these two sides of the island - Arikok National Park, covers approximately 20% of Aruba, is the largest national park in the Caribbean, and another great destination for unique marriage proposals.

Take your sweetheart on a horseback ride, and pop the question in a romantic, private beach cove, or in one of the amazingly spectacular scenes outlined above. Horseback proposals in Aruba create the perfect conditions for a guaranteed yes!

Here are some options for horseback riding tours:

  1. Rancho Notorious
  2. Goldmine Ranch
  3. Rancho Loco

4. The California Lighthouse at Sunset

The California Lighthouse has always been a perfect spot for proposing, especially at sunset! But the newly restored California Lighthouse is also now open for tours as well! Our repeaters consistently rank this as a number 1 spot for proposing, as you can read in our forum.

Take a bottle of champagne with you and enjoy the scenic landscape where you see the high rise resorts and the calm tranquil waters of the west side of the island contrasting with the turbulent waters and natural dunes on the north side, a great location for setting the right mood.

It’s definitely one of the best views on the island. If you prefer to have a dinner with this view, the Faro Blanco Restaurant (Italian) offers terrace seating with almost the same spectacular view as you’d get being high up on the lighthouse.

5. A Proposal in the Air (Helicopter/Skydiving)

A super romantic way to propose is to take your honey up in the air, to get an amazing view of the entire island. Aruba Heli Tours takes you on a scenic tour of either our beaches, a complete island tour, an island, and dinner deluxe tour or an island, sail and dinner tour!

For the more adrenaline seeking couples out there: how ‘bout jumping out of a plane, soaring through the air like birds and there you see it in the sand,
a message visible from above as it is written with rocks (or something similar):

Will you marry me….*insert name*? This of course in careful coordination with the Aruba Skydiving Team. Certainly an unforgettable experience for the both of you!

6. Stay in an Overwater Tiki Hut for One Night

The extremely romantic toes-in-the-sand restaurant The Old Man & the Sea can now offer you a most exclusive stay in one of their overwater luxury cabanas at the coast of the old fisherman’s town Savaneta. These 5 artistically decorated bungalow villas are complete with waterside hot tubs, hammocks in the sea and seashell alfresco showers, and are an amazing destination for wedding proposals.

It’s a very exclusive option, away from the hustle and bustle of the Palm Beach strip and without a doubt one of the most romantic accommodations in the world. Whilst sitting at the pier, sipping a nice glass of champagne, you both stargaze into the sky before you decide to ask. So romantic!

7. Picnic on the Beach

A low-budget option, but certainly not less romantic one, is to treat your S.O. to a picnic on the beach! Watch the sunrise on the eastern side of the island at either Boca GrandiBoca Prins, or Dos Playa. Continue to Baby Beach and be amongst the first early birds to take a swim in this beautiful lagoon. 

Build a sandcastle together, (at a safe distance from the ocean of course) and when your partner isn't looking, put the ring on the highest tower. Or watch the sunset on any of our beaches on the west side of the island: Druif Beachaward-winning Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach or Boca Catalina and propose just as the colors peak. Take your pick! Whether you choose a morning sunrise or an afternoon sunset picnic, make sure to bring a nice bottle of champagne and of course, the ring!

8. Couples Massage on the Beach

Indulge your senses and your sweetie’s by booking a couple’s massage at one of our beach spas! After a relaxing massage, the waiter brings you champagne and a fruit platter and whilst you are completely alone in either a cabana or a cove (perhaps Renaissance Island?), watching the sunset on this relaxing day, the cherry on top will be your proposal!

Here are our recommendations for spas on the beach offering couples massages:

  1. Okeanos Spa at Renaissance Island
  2. Spa del Sol at Manchebo Beach Resort
  3. Mandara Spa at Marriott Ocean Club
  4. Indulgence by the Sea at Divi Phoenix Aruba


9. On Top of the Hooiberg (Hay Stack mountain)

When driving around Aruba, you’re sure to notice our single, standalone mountain in the middle of the flat Aruban landscape. This is the Hooiberg (Hay Stack) which is the 3rd highest volcanic mountain in Aruba, rising 165 meters above sea level, covered in cacti, divi-divi trees, and some Kibrahacha trees. It’s also a famous landmark for tourists and locals to enjoy a terrific view of the island. 

You and your loved one can either climb all the 587 stairs to the top of the mountain, where you will have a 360 view of the island, the sea and on clear days even Venezuela to the south, or stop half way and enjoy the view in a cabana. On the top, you will also find 2 small buildings and some antennas (for our local radio stations and local telephone company Setar), which may not be really romantic structures, but again…it’s all about the view!


10. Underwater Proposal

We’ve saved the best for last, as this is definitely a unique proposal idea! If you and your S.O. are fervent divers or snorkelers, how about proposing underwater?  At the Palm Island, for example, the staff can hide your ring in a treasure box ready for your bride/groom-to-be to discover (very Pirates of the Caribbean!). Or for those even more daring: hide the ring in a beautiful seashell! Just be careful not to drop the ring in the water of course! Aruba has plenty of watersports providers that will coordinate the perfect underwater hiding spot for your ring. 

So there you have it, 10 unique, creative, and absolutely romantic proposal ideas all accessible on the One Happy Island! If you want to hire a professional proposal planner who will go above and beyond to deliver you the perfect proposal, we recommend The Proposal Planner Aruba. Be sure to check out our Wedding Blog as well for romantic beach wedding ideas, recent Aruba wedding stories and a complete vendor list of wedding planners, florists, photographers, hair-and-makeup artists and more!

Congratulations on your engagement! 

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