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7 Reasons Why Aruba has the Best Beaches in the Caribbean

Aruba features the best beaches in the Caribbean, with great options for every appetite. Find out why TripAdvisor Travelers love our beaches so much!

TripAdvisor just announced the TripAdvisor Travelers Awards for best beaches, and Aruba’s Eagle Beach ranked 3rd Best Beach in the World, yes indeed…in the world(!) and the 2nd Best Beach in the Caribbean.

Over 6000 travelers rated Eagle Beach as a top beach, and over 2000 people rated the beach as “excellent”. The most mentioned comments on TripAdvisor were that its Aruba's most beautiful beach, it’s private, quiet and serene. The perfect setting for a romantic toes-in-the sand dinner or a private picnic on the beach.

Eagle Beach might be our flagship beach, with its endless stretches of powdery white sands, calming waters and relaxing atmosphere, but Aruba is home to more award-winning beaches! Variety is the key factor here, as we have beaches for every beach lover to explore: from secluded beaches to family friendly beaches, to beaches perfect for extreme sports to beaches excellent for snorkeling.

So if you were looking for the best beach destination of 2017, you have come to the right place, or might I say island :).

Here are 7 reasons why Aruba has the Best Beaches in the Caribbean:

1.Natural Beauty.

Aruba’s Beaches have the perfect natural elements for any kind of beach lover!

Blessed by calming natural attributes such as refreshing trade winds, a constant supply of sunshine, crystal clear waters at a comfortable warm temperature and powdery soft white sands, it’s no wonder that so many people fall in love with our Aruba beaches. Aruba’s geographical contrasts allow you to choose between total relaxation on stretches of soft white sands on the west and southern sides, the exploration of hidden beaches and secret coves on the east sides, and challenge the waters at beaches situated at the north side of the island.

2.Free, Safe and Easily Accessible.

Aerial shot of palapas and the lodging area on Eagle Beach.

Public Palapa/Hut on Eagle Beach.

Aruba’s beaches are free, safe and easily accessible.

As an island that on itself is really easy to roam around, the Aruba beaches are easily accessible. All of our beaches are open to the public, offer palapas, free parking, and some even have state-of-the-art public facilities where snacks and drinks can be bought, with a public restroom.

Aruba’s beaches are also safe, as Aruba is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean as reported by the United Nations. Our beach police patrol the island’s coastlines regularly and our friendly locals are always ready to lend you a helping hand if you are in need.

3.Picturesque Sunsets….

For the perfect Instagram sunset picture! As the island with the most sunny days in the entire Caribbean, our beaches make for the perfect backdrop for a color rich sunset picture, every day! Snap a shot just when a sailboat passes by the horizon, or have our iconic Fofoti Tree featured as a silhouette.  Want to post your sunset picture the moment you snap it? Free Wi-Fi is available at Eagle Beach and Mangel Halto Beach (courtesy of Aruba Tourism Authority) and most of our beachfront resorts at Palm Beach and Druif Beach also offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. If you want to perfect the art of a sunset pic, read this blog article: How to Take Good Sunset Pictures in Aruba at the Beach.

4.Relaxation, Sunbathing and Beach-Bumming.

Palapas and beach chairs on Druif Beach

These top Caribbean beaches are ideal for relaxation, sunbathing and just really beach-bumming:

Eagle Beach: Our multiple award-winning beach! Beach strollers will love the long expanse of the silky white-sand beach that reaches for miles, and swimmers will enjoy the calm waters. It’s no wonder that this beach inevitably pops up on someone’s Best Beaches list every year.

This year, Eagle beach won the 3rd Best Beach in the World by TripAdvisor Traveler’s Awards and the 2nd Best Beach in the Caribbean! Eagle Beach is also a nesting site for leatherback sea turtles—with the nesting season running March through September, and hatching season spanning May through November.  If you want to learn how to protect our sea turtles during your vacation read this blogpost.

Druif Beach:  If the perfect postcard picture is what you are in search of for your Aruba vacation photo album, a trip to this beach is a must!  Next, to Eagle Beach and home to two low-rise resorts, Druif Beach offers a breathtaking expanse of sugar-white sand flowing seamlessly to a mixed palate of shades of turquoise and deep blue waters, offering the quintessential island setting.

Arashi Beach: Arashi Beach, another TripAdvisor Travelers Award winner for Best Beach in the Caribbean, is one of the favorite beaches for our locals who enjoy the well-kept public palapas and the perfect family picnic setting. Located along Aruba’s western coast, just under the watchful eye of the historic California Lighthouse, the waters of Arashi are generally calm and encourage snorkeling at the small reef to the left of the beach.

Baby Beach: One of Aruba’s most popular beaches actually borders a tranquil lagoon, making it a top destination for families with small children.  Originally, Lago refinery workers created the lagoon decades ago by constructing a protective barrier, giving their families a safe beach to enjoy within the Lago Colony. Today, huts provide shade and picnic areas to enjoy and relax under, while the calm waters provide an excellent snorkeling venue (word of caution: do not swim out past the lagoon, as a strong undertow is often present).

Rodger’s Beach: Those traveling to popular Baby Beach will enjoy a stop at this picturesque beach at the southernmost reaches of the island. Shady huts line this beach that sweeps around a reef-protected bay.  Colorfully painted traditional fishing boats dock here as well, adding to the quaint and peaceful setting.

Palm Beach: This beach is the prime residence for many of Aruba’s resorts, restaurants, and several dive and watersports operators. The beach bustles with activity and offers a front-row seat to Aruba’s spectacular sunsets. The soft sand and flat beach are great for those early morning power walks and jogs, and the calm waters offer a great place to float your cares away. 

5.Excellent Spots for Wind-Surfing and Kite-Surfing.

Aruba has some amazing beaches that are excellent for wind-surfing and kite-surfing:

Hadicurari Beach: also known as the Fisherman’s Huts, lies next to the world’s most popular windsurfing playground. International windsurfers and kitesurfers are drawn to this beach year-round, with pros and amateurs competing every summer in the annual Aruba Hi Winds. Several board sports operators are set up on the beach, providing both instruction and equipment rental. The calm, shallow, flat waters are also great for trying the latest board craze—SUP (standup paddleboarding).

Boca Grandi: also known locally as Grapefield, is located on the eastern side of the island’s southern tip, and this beach lures both local and international kitesurfers.  Distinguished by rolling sand dunes netted in local sea grapes and dune grasses, the colorful kites of surfers dot the horizon above vivid turquoise seas. Please be aware that these waters can be rough and prove dangerous to swimmers.

6.Beaches that are perfect for Surfing and Bodyboarding.

Andicuri Beach: It’s a body-boarders delight (and the site of the occasional competition) and a great escape from the crowds.  Situated on the Island’s windward coast, just south of the collapsed Natural Bridge, dramatic bluffs flank a sandy cove area, leaving beachgoers in a world of their own.  If you make the journey to Andicuri, be sure to travel a little further along the dirt road to see Black Stone Beach (no swimming, please!) and a fascinating triple-arch limestone natural bridge.

Dos Playa (two beaches): is a pair of bordering coves carved out of the island’s limestone.  One cove is a go-to for island surfers, with a broad white-sand beach for sunbathing or relaxing under the shade of the sea-grape trees. Because the currents are very strong here, swimming is not recommended. Located within our Arikok National Park, be sure to add a visit to the rolling dunes of neighboring Boca Prins.

7. Beaches that are just Fantastic for Snorkeling.

Boca CatalinaHeading south past the high-rise hotel area, the limestone barranca that characterizes the Malmok coastline gives way to a white sandy beach area known as Boca Catalina.  The beach yields easy, walk-in access to some of the best snorkeling on the island with crystal clear underwater visibility of a chain of small reefs teeming with angelfish, needlefish, goatfish, starfish, and other colorful sea life. Onshore, relax under one of the public palapas while the pelicans put on a show of diving mastery.

Malmok Beach: Following the road past the high-rise hotel area you will find Malmok Beach. A stretch of limestone terraces make up the landscape of this area that boasts excellent waters for snorkeling, with many of the island’s catamarans and sailboats anchoring nearby for easy access for passengers to plunge in for an up-close view of vibrant and colorful sea life.

Mangel Haltolocated in Pos Chiquito on the southeast coast just south of the Spanish Lagoon. It is a perfect snorkeling spot with calm, shallow waters rich in sea life supported by an intriguing network of mangroves. A popular picnic area, it is a secluded spot with white powdery sand and huts for shade. An excellent shore diving site, it is possible to walk out to the edge of the reef to behold such fish as parrotfish, yellowtail snapper, sergeant majors and blue tangs as well as deep water gorgonians, sponges and anemones. The reef plunges to depths of 110’ where octopi, morays, and barracuda abound. For a complete guide to snorkeling in Aruba, please read this blog post on Aruba's Top-Rated Snorkeling Beaches.

So there you have it folks, 7 reasons why Aruba has the best beaches in the Caribbean! Check out these hotels situated at the award-winning Eagle Beach, and start packing your swimsuit, glasses, and sunscreen!

Life is a beach!


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