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Best eco & sustainable trips to Aruba

Sustainable trips, eco-friendly trips, and ecotourism trips are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Do you want to know more about those kinds of environmentally conscious trips? Or maybe you want to apply this to your Aruba vacation yourself? No matter what your motivations are, in this blog you’ll find more information on eco trips to Aruba!

Why choose an environmentally conscious trip?

As you probably know, taking a plane and traveling the world is not beneficial for the climate. Actually, it’s one of the causes of global warming, climate change, and natural catastrophes. At the same time, a lot of people want to discover beautiful places on earth, for example our One Happy Island of Aruba. So why not combine exploring the world and taking care of our planet? From this idea, eco trips were formed. If you’re interested in a more sustainable way of traveling, environmentally conscious trips might be something for you. Are you curious what eco trips look like? Well, read further!

What does a sustainable trip to Aruba look like? 

There is not just one definition when it comes to more sustainable trips. They do exist in different forms and shapes. If you want to go on a more eco-friendly trip, you can for example decide to make changes in your transportation. Since Aruba is an island in the Caribbean, you probably will get to Aruba by plane. One thing you can do to make up a little for your carbon footprint would be to carbon offset your flight to Aruba. Next to this, you can also make changes on getting around Aruba once you’re here. Instead of renting a car, you can also think of other transportation possibilities like buses or bicycles. But apart from transportation, there are many more ways to make your Aruba trip more eco-friendly. Read more.

Eco trips for your Aruba vacation

Another way to switch your regular trip to a more environmentally conscious trip would be the choice of accommodation. If you visit Aruba, you can decide to lodge in an eco accommodation. These eco accommodations do take measures in order to take better care of our planet. There are multiple ways to do so, from water-saving showers to initiatives to avoid food waste. Booking a place like this could be a way to make your trip more eco-friendly. Another option to enjoy a more sustainable trip would be to use more sustainable travel products. When you pack your bag or suitcase for your Aruba holiday, take a look at our guide with more eco-friendly items to take with you. 


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