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travel sustainably

Looking for the best sustainable travel products?

If you ask me, packing your bag is the ultimate holiday preparation.

While packing your bag, you can already daydream about all the exciting things you’re going to do on Aruba. Of course you need to bring your bath clothes in order to swim in the blue, warm waters of the Caribbean sea. Are you planning to hike up Aruba’s Hooiberg? Then you definitely need a sporty outfit. Maybe you want to discover the nightlife on Aruba too. If so, make sure you pack your party clothes! No matter what your plans are, they need to match with your luggage. But did you know you can also pack your bag in an eco-friendly way? Read more about eco-friendly travel containers and zero waste travel essentials.

Discover our eco-friendly products list for your Aruba trip

Although traveling on itself is of course not sustainable, you can still travel in a more eco-friendly way. When visiting the island of Aruba, make sure you take a sustainable travel kit with you. From sustainable travel bags to sustainable travel mugs: I would suggest putting the following sustainable travel items on your packlist…

Eco-friendly travel containers

Eco-friendly travel containers are one of the sustainable travel gear you can think of. These kinds of eco-friendly travel containers are perfect for storing snacks. Use them for sandwiches or fruit when you go for a hike or visit the beach. Apart from food, you can also use eco-friendly travel containers for your clothes. This type of eco-friendly travel container is also known as packing cubes. Travelers love them, since they help you save space in your luggage, fit more in, and keep you organised. It keeps getting better, since those packing cubes can be made from recycled plastic. It only makes sense that I put eco-friendly travel containers on this eco friendly products list, right?

Sustainable travel bags

Why only pack sustainable travel products when your whole bag or suitcase can be sustainable? And more good news: Sustainable travel bags are fashionable too! Multiple brands have seen the light when it comes to sustainable travel items like sustainable travel bags. In the collection you’ll find sustainable travel backpacks, but they are also smaller sustainable travel bags. Go for a basic color or go wild and choose a cheerful pattern to match your style. You can travel more consciously and be fashionable at the same time! 

Sustainable travel mugs

Do you already have some sustainable travel mugs in your possession? This is a way better alternative than using plastic bottles. Creating plastic bottles is not beneficial for the environment, but another problem with plastic bottles and cups is that people often leave them behind in nature. To avoid this, a sustainable travel mug is a way better option. There are loads of different kinds of sustainable travel mugs, like a bottle you can fill with water or a mug for coffee and tea. A sustainable travel mug certainly doesn’t have to be boring, since they exist in many colors, sizes and prints. Which one will you choose? 

Sustainable travel toiletries

Last but not least on our eco-friendly products list: Sustainable travel toiletries. Did you know that sunscreen for example is not beneficial for the climate? This product contains ingredients that can damage the underwater world like coral reefs. Of course you need to wear sunscreen in order to protect your skin. Luckily, there are alternatives. You can use sunscreens that aren't filled with chemicals. This way, you sunbathe and respect the environment at the same time. Another item that can be part of your sustainable travel toiletries is a bamboo toothbrush. Millions of plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year. This is no good news for the environment. In comparison to plastic  toothbrushes, bamboo ones are way more sustainable. If you want to own more sustainable travel toiletries, a bamboo toothbrush is a good start.

How sustainable products help the environment

I said it before: Traveling on itself is of course not sustainable. It’s understandable that you want to see the world and visit the island of Aruba. The least we all can do is to take action where we can. Using eco-friendly travel products on your Aruba trip is a nice start. 

Do you want to take your eco-friendly holiday to the next level? You can! One of the possibilities is to stay in an eco resort right here in Aruba. Caribbean resorts that are eco-friendly do take measures to protect our planet. By choosing an eco resort you spend your holiday in a more eco-friendly way. Are you interested in this topic and want to know more about more sustainable travels and ecotourism? Read further on our blog!

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