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Blue tram in Main Street Oranjestad.

2022 Guide to Transportation in Aruba

When planning an Aruban escape, the first thing you think of is how to get there. What flight should you take?

Or should you travel by cruise ship instead this year?

But something that’s equally important to consider is: how can you best navigate the island once you are here? Luckily, Aruba transportation is simple! There are several ways to explore Aruba.

First off, there are lots of restaurants, stores, beaches and other activities within walking distance from the major hotels. Of course, if you’d like to venture out a bit more, that won’t be a problem either, because getting around Aruba is a breeze!

How to get around Aruba?

Whether you prefer renting a private vehicle or using public transportation like buses or taxis, Aruba has all your transportation needs covered at a nice range of price points. If you are feeling a little more luxurious, you can even request a limousine to chauffeur you and your posse around.

Public Transportation in Aruba

Bus driving on the road.

An easy, budget-friendly, way of getting around in Aruba without a car is by making use of public transportation. One of the easiest ways to travel is by taxi. Aruba is not a very big island, so you’ll be sure to reach your destination in no time. The taxi drivers are incredibly friendly, and you don’t have to worry that you pay too much for your taxi drive since there are fixed rates.

Taxis are readily available on most major roads, but the drivers are also just a quick phone call away island-wide. If you’re looking for a more cost effective solution, you can consider travelling by bus, which is easy, cheap and convenient as well. The local bus company, Arubus, has several routes throughout the island. Best part is, you won’t have to do any of the driving yourself!

Because of COVID-19, wearing a face mask is mandatory at specific places in Aruba. Please be aware that you may have to wear a face mask when you make use of public transportation. You can find all the information in connection with the coronavirus at our Traveler Health Requirements page.

Aruba by Bus

The public Arubus bus system is the preferred method of transportation for many visitors, especially those looking to save a bit of money for more exciting things than transportation. Cruise visitors are especially fond of getting around by bus because the bus station is right across the street from the cruise port in downtown Oranjestad.

Aruba bus trips are quite affordable, with a roundtrip “retour” card only running $5, and which allows you to take 2 trips. A day pass will set you back $10, but you can travel by bus all day, as often as you want, so it’s a great idea for those of you looking to do some serious exploring!

Bus line 10 runs through the main hotel area every 15 minutes from 5:45am until 6pm. After that, buses run every 40 minutes until 11:30pm. For scheduling information, please consult the official Arubus Website or check out our bus schedule page.

Aruba by Taxi

Aruba logo sign at Plaza Turismo

Traveling by taxi in Aruba is a breeze, there’s no need to worry about complicated charges, as we have fixed rates, set by the government. Just ask what the fare for your trip is going to be before you get in for complete transparency.

Getting a taxi is easy too! If you have cell service, you can easily call a taxi yourself. If not, you can ask the concierge or front desk agent at your hotel to call one for you. If you’re out and about, feel free to just flag one down, as they’re readily available throughout most of the areas that people visit. If they don’t have any passengers on board yet, they’ll pick you up and drive you to your destination.

Some taxis even offer private island tours, so that’s also a way of getting around Aruba! Please note that the taxi fee covers a ride for a maximum of five passengers, so if you have a larger group, you’ll need to arrange accordingly.

Aruba's Free Trolley

Orange Tram passing in the Main Street in Oranjestad.

The free open air trolley is an addition to downtown Oranjestad, and a great way to navigate the main street’s shopping and dining areas without having to walk too much. Hop on to get to your specific destination or just to take a ride, free of charge.

Some trolleys are even double-deckers, allowing a 360 view of the downtown area. Cruise passengers frequently make use of the trolley service, because it loops from the shopping areas to the cruise ship terminal.

If you’re ready to hop on, the trolley starts running at 10am with 25 minute intervals and a break from 12pm to 1pm. The last trolley of the day departs from the cruise port at 5pm.

Private Transportation in Aruba

If public transportation is not your thing, or if you plan to explore every inch of the island, then private transportation rentals are definitely the way to go. Here in Aruba, we have a wide range of private rental types. In the following sections, we will look at some private Aruba transportation options.

Car Rentals in Aruba

For those who like to explore our island’s off-the-beaten-path natural wonders and activities, renting a car is a great idea. Why? Because you’ll be free to get up and go whenever, and wherever, you want to!

Renting a car in Aruba will let you visit as many beaches as you’d like, travel to different cities to meet the locals, and explore parts of the island where buses and taxis either don’t go, or travel infrequently. If you want to feel free to go wherever you want, renting a car is the perfect way of getting around Aruba.

I highly recommend that you spend at least part of your trip exploring the many landscapes of our Arikok National Park, where the options are virtually endless. These Aruba car rentals will help you with your transportation in Aruba and get on the road quickly, safely, and affordably!

Amigo Rent a Car

Amigo has two convenient locations, one in the Palm Beach area, where many hotels are located, and an office right by the airport!

Aruba Top Drive

Top Drive has over 15 years of experience in the rental car Aruba business, and 6 locations in several areas of the island.

Sunset Car Rental

Sunset Car Rental takes pride in its affordable prices and friendly service. Their office is located minutes away from the airport. They also provide airport pick up services!

Aruba XL Car Rental

Explore the island with a car from XL Car Rental. You can also rent accessoires like car seats for the children.

Wheels 2 Go Car Rental

Relax and cruise the island in comfort at your own pace. Wheels 2 Go Car Rental offers vehicles of your choice!

Motorcycle & Scooter Rentals in Aruba

For those who enjoy riding with the wind in their hair and the sun on their skin, there’s no better option than motorcycle and scooter rentals. Aruba has the perfect climate for cruising around in the open air! I recommend taking a drive on the roads along Eagle Beach, where you can breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. Here are some companies that offer Aruba motorcycle rentals:

George’s Cycle Co 

Besides motorcycles and scooters, George’s Cycle Co. also rents four-wheel all-terrain vehicles. The company welcomes lovers of the outdoors with open arms.

Aruba Motorcycle Tours

Aside from the fantastic Harley Davidson tours, Aruba Motorcycle Tours also rents their motorcycles and encourages you to explore on your own!

HS Rentals Aruba

Scooters and buggies, those are the specialties of HS Rentals Aruba. The company offers half and full day rentals to meet your transportation needs!

Aruba Limousine Services

If you’re feeling a bit fancy, or you have a very special event coming up, you can very easily rent a limousine with a driver to pick you and your entire crew up. Let your chauffeur take you to your destinations while you enjoy the beautiful views of Aruba, and perhaps a glass of champagne?

These are some companies that offer Aruba limo and other luxury transport services:

Super Limousine Aruba

Super Limousine offers professional VIP transportation services. Whether you’re looking for a limousine ride to make your trip a little more special, or a comfortable trip in a luxury car, they’ve got you covered.

Kini Kini Transfers & Tours

While Kini Kini is known for its island tours and bus transport, the company also offers luxury transportation. If you’re on your way to a very special wedding, or want to be picked up from the airport in a comfortable luxury SUV, Kini Kini can make it happen.

EL Tours

If you need a ride to your hotel from the airport, EL Tours will pick you up. Treat yourself to a VIP transfer and allow EL tours to make your transportation in Aruba as comfortable as possible.

Aruba Bike Rentals

We have one more transportation option for you: by bike! It’s a good and sporty alternative if you want to discover the island without a car. Experiencing Aruba by bike is a unique addition to your vacation experiences. Luckily, you can find some bike rental companies on Aruba!

Book Your Trip Today!

Couple having a walk in the main street of Aruba.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about how to get around in Aruba, the last thing required is booking your trip so you can put your new Aruba transportation knowledge to the test! But before you book, make sure to check out our Deals & Offers page for discounts and special rates. See you soon in Aruba!


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