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Aerial Shot of a Cruise ship in Aruba's Terminal.

Aruba Cruises: Information About The Dock, Schedule & More

Indulge in luxury shopping, try local cuisine, relax on pristine beaches; your cruise vacation is at its best in Aruba.

Aruba: one of the best-visited cruise terminals of the Caribbean

Aruba is honored that the world’s most prestigious and respected cruise lines choose our island as a port-of-call in the Caribbean. Some of these cruise lines visit our port year-round, while others choose Aruba as a port-of-call during selected seasons.

Where do cruise ships dock in Aruba?

The Port of Aruba is conveniently located in Oranjestad, within walking distance of restaurants and shops. Here, right outside the Aruba Cruise Terminal, you can join a shore excursion around our happy island and get a taste of the local Aruban vibe.

Spending time on the island on your cruise vacation

Who said that during a cruise you don't get to see or experience the real side of the destinations you visit along the way? Here in Aruba, shop owners, tour guides, local experts and other island specialists alike do their utmost to provide you with a most enjoyable time and authentic experience in Aruba.

Check the Aruba cruise ship schedule to know what time you should be back at the terminal and enjoy some time on our One Happy Island. Eagle Beach is just a ten-minute drive away from the terminal and offers everything for a relaxing day: a beautiful sandy beach, beach bars, and turquoise water that invites you to take a swim. If you are more of an active type, try one of the many water activities that are offered. 

Getting around by taxi or public transport

Right outside the gates of the cruise terminal, you'll find the taxis and public buses. The taxi rates are fixed and there is a max capacity of five passengers. The Arubus buses drive to many destinations, giving you the flexibility you need to get anywhere you want to go, whenever you want to be there.

Car rental at the Aruba cruise terminal

Do you want the freedom to explore the island on your own? There are many car rental companies within walking distance from the Aruba cruise terminal. Hop in your rental car and find out what secret beaches, roads, and vistas Aruba has to offer you.

The City with a Story

View of the town hall in Oranjestad.

Oranjestad is a unique blend of old and new that lends a distinctive charm to Aruba’s capital.

Enjoy our One Happy Island during your cruise!


Do you want to explore your surroundings on foot? There’s a lot to do within walking distance. We already mentioned Eagle Beach, but we can also recommend Oranjestad. The Aruba cruise terminal is situated here, so you can hop off the ship and get immersed in this colorful town immediately. 


L.G. Smith Boulevard and the Renaissance Marketplace are obvious places to go, but don’t forget Havenstraat, Schelpstraat, and Main Street. They run parallel to the boulevard and are definitely worth a visit. Tip: look out for the tram tracks. 


Want to see more of the island? Drive around! Near the cruise terminal, you can find many car rental companies. Or make use of the taxis and public transport services. 


Another great way to see the highlights of the island is to book an excursion. Check the Aruba cruise terminal ship schedule to find out your departure time and make the most of the hours before. Why don’t you go kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding, or even have a private island tour? 

Don’t forget to taste the Aruban cuisine while here. Book a table at one of the restaurants in Eagle Beach, Palm Beach or Oranjestad. Or take your dining experience up a notch and experience a sunset dinner on a cruise. assets

Aruba's Beaches & Coves

Home to the best beaches in the Caribbean, Aruba is where soft, cooling white sand meets the restoring turquoise sea.

View of the Hooiberg from top of the Casibari Rock Formation
Sightseeing & Tours in Aruba
Romantic cabana dinner on the beach at Elements Restaurant.
Dining in Aruba

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We’re just getting started with the amazing effects Aruba has to offer. Dig into your trip details below to unlock a Caribbean experience that will fill you with sunshine and send you home with a happy afterglow that never fades.

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